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Who We Are
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Who Are The South Florida Trail Riders, Inc.?

 We are a nonprofit, all volunteer horse riding organization made up of family, single and youth members. Our members come from a wide variety of horse interests: breeding, showing, dressage, endurance, farriers, medical, pleasure, trainers and just "plain ol" horse lovers.

Our members have an equally broad range of vocational interests from horse trainers to medical doctors, truck drivers, students, stock brokers, attorneys, police, shopkeepers, teachers, etc.

All have one primary interest. . . to ride and care for horses.

We organize to:  

  • Preserve open "greenspace" conducive to safe responsible horse activities, primarily trail riding.
  • Develop horse trails and facilities.
  • Promote horse activities.
  • Promote legislation in favor of horsemen and horse related activities.
  • We believe in the American adage that "Together we stand, divided we fall."
  • The interests of our members are widely varied. Consequently, our activities are also varied.

Schedule of Upcoming Rides, Meetings, and Events

Oct. 6th Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room. Speaker: Sonny George Jr. on tying proper knots.

Oct. 11th Saturday - Annual Boy Scout Spaghetti Ride!  TB: Jeff Pearce and Jean Manners. 25050 SW 187 Ave. Meet 1:00pm at Jeff's, ride out 2:00pm sharp. Paddock/stall/tie the horses in the shade at Jean's place (next to the BS Camp Redland) at 4:00pm, eat mounds of spaghetti at 4:30, remount 5:00pm and head back to the trailers.  You must pre-order $7 dinner ticket with Jeff (305-796-5264); and for paddock info call Jean (305-775-4674).  RSVP's needed for meal and paddocks. Even if you aren't riding, make plans to eat with us and support our local Troop 69!!

Oct. 10th thru 13th Friday thru Monday - Clemson / Pendleton, SC campout riding Fant’s Grove Trails. Contact Nancy for more info 305-283-5564.

Oct. 18th SATURDAY - SFTR Yard & Tack Sale at Robbie’s Feed Store Cow Pasture.  22390 SW 177 Ave. Bring all your stuff out and sell it for camping money!! 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. (set up at 7:45) $5 per space for members, $10 non-members.  Clean out your closets, garages, barns, etc. Come on out and make a little cash. You can’t have a better spot than Krome Ave. Call Andrea with questions. 305-216-2461. No reservations req.

Oct. 20th Monday - Board Meeting at the Ben & Dottie Kroner’s 7:00 PM social, 8:00 PM meeting. 19200 SW 218 St. Please RSVP to Ben at 305-245-2403.

Oct. 25th Saturday - Halloween Ride. TB: Andrea Sante & Linda Rose. 23950 SW 129 Ave. Get dressed for the 9:15AM Costume contest; 9:30AM Ride out. I will have slow cooked pork roast and cole slaw, bring some of your delicious sides to share. Prizes will be awarded to all the costumed riders. Get your best scary costumes on and show them off! RSVP to Andrea 305-216-2461.

Nov. 1st Saturday - Mike’s Last Ride of the Year. TB: Mike Maldonado. 19950 SW 188 Street. Ride out at 10:00 AM. Mike gets to be Santa thru Christmas so this will be his last ride with us until then. Mike’s making chili, you bring a side dish to share. Call for info 305-331-7599.

Nov. 3rd Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room.





Greetings to all Trail Riders. Summer has officially ended and fall has begun. That means the SFTR’s calendar of events is getting much more active. Many local trail rides have been scheduled as well as camping trips, clinics, and parades. Please make sure to attend as many of these activities as possible.  Recently, we were involved in the annual Freedom Walk in honor of those who have given their lives serving this country as military personnel or first responders.  It also included recognition of those that died in the heinous 9/11 attack. Thank you, Trail Riders, for a good showing at this event. Thanks also to Bonnie and Manny for trail bossing.
I just want to mention a few of the upcoming events. The next event is an obstacle challenge/parade practice. Bonnie will be the trail boss for this event. Ginger Krenz is also giving a horsemanship clinic. On October 4, the first Redland 100 ride will take place. Andrea will be the trail boss for this one and it promises to be a great ride. The Redland 100 rides are a series of rides throughout this riding season giving you an opportunity to ride one hundred miles in South Florida. There will be an award for achieving this goal. There are two Redland 100 rides in November. One more upcoming ride I want to mention at this time is the Jingle Bell Jaunt on December 13. At this event toys, gift cards, cash, and other items that could be used by community children are collected and donated to Miami Dade Fire Rescue. They distribute the items throughout the community as needed to children that have experienced some unfortunate circumstances in their lives. It is a very worthwhile event and we invite you to participate. More details will come later, but  plan ahead and set December 13 aside for this event.
Camping season officially opens for SFTR in October. Make plans now to attend as many camping experiences as possible. It is a great experience to ride, then sit around a campfire sharing our treasured moments with each other. If you have never camped before, do not worry, there are plenty of people willing to help in any way possible to make your first trip a great experience.
Lately, we have been seeing some new trail bosses. Thank you for stepping up and being willing to take that role. We welcome anyone to share with us their favorite places to ride. If you are not sure what to do as a trail boss, ask someone with experience to be a co-trail boss. They will be glad to help. The success of a club depends on the participation of its members. Thanks to all of you for making this club a great club.
Happy Trails,
Wayne Hershberger




 We are going to have 10 rides this year of 12 to 15 miles each, approximately 4-5 hours depending on how fast we walk.  You will only have to complete 7 rides to accomplish the 100 miles.

 If anyone has a new area (must be 12 to 15 miles) that they would like to explore or suggest, please contact me.
We would all like to see and ride in some new areas.

The following are the scheduled rides:

Oct.4                     Ride to Black Point & back TB: Andrea
Nov.22 & 23        Glades to Bay TB: Augie
Dec.14                  Everglades Ride TB: Manny
Jan1                      Black Eyed Pea Ride TB: JC Vina
Jan 3                     Full Moon Night ride from 136th St. parking area TB: Gina
Feb.22                  TB: Heidi & Dave
March 7               Thompson Park to Black Point Marina TB: Carlos Cardenas
April 18                Urban Ride TB: Augie
May 2                   OPEN - we need an area

You can contact Augie at 305-582-1557.
Augie Saavedra





This is the start of another beautiful riding season! Come on out to Andrea’s home 23950 SW 129 Ave on October 4.

We are riding out at 9:00 AM sharp. Please be on time. If you arrive late and we are gone, call me and I will tell you how to catch up. 305-216-2461.

This ride is on the Greenways canal system the first 3/4’s of the ride. Then we cross thru some tree farms and a few roads before we get back to the house. It is a beautiful ride and we have sightings of alligators, manatees and all sorts of birds.

Parts of the ride is rocky so make sure you have shoes or boots for your horses.

See you on the trail soon! Andrea Sante






A Get Well Card was sent to Barbara Behnke who has been in the hospital. 

A Get Well Card was also sent to Neil Chambless-Aiello who broke wrist bones after losing to his power drill...

Please know our thoughts are with you and we look forward to you both getting back in the saddle.

Sunshine Committee

Please contact Debi Cat-Priest if you need a card sent to a SFTR member.




IT’S ALREADY OCTOBER! It will soon be time for SFTR’S “Jingle Bell Jaunt”.
SAVE THE DATE; December 13th
It will be here before you can ring your sleigh bells!!

We really need a good showing this year. The need is greater then ever and the last 2 years the residents toys have out numbered ours. We need you to support this effort or this could be our last year for this event. I am always so proud of our club when this ride is well supported.  The way they come together for this Toy Drive – Christmas costume event is great for the kids.  It is definitely a team effort.  Some of the simplest designs have won a prize in the past.
We start out by collecting a toy (at least one) from everyone. Each participant in the contest gets a number if they choose to compete. The judging is held just before we parade through the campground and the gathering of more toys from the camp residents of Larry and Penny Thompson Park. We sing Christmas and holiday songs as we get back to the staging area for a hot dog lunch with all the trimmings. We then learn the results of the judging and award the prizes. The grand total of the toys collected for the children have been good but I hope will be super this year.
It is time to start planning now what you will
bring for the children and how you and your horse will
dress up. What? No horse? We have a prize for that
it’s called “Holly Jolly Walker” You get to ride on Jeff and Sandy Fobb’s decorated Wagon. The other prizes are called: Fantastically Festive, Holiday Hysteria, Outrageously Original, and Delightfully Decorative.
Can’t wait to see you all there! Bring some toys and share your joys this Christmas season.
Carrie Hershberger




As a veterinarian in South Florida , I have  had the good fortune to get to know the gentle, well mannered Saddle Seat Paso Fino horse.  Having grown up in Puerto Rico, I was aware of the breed.  I came to know them better when my young daughter started taking riding lessons at Escudero Paso Fino Riding School.     This riding school is run by Jaime Escudero and his wife Maria Alejandra.  Jaime Escudero as it turned out is a premier teacher, rider, and trainer of Paso Finos.  His name is recognized throughout the Paso Fino world, and together with his wife he is dedicated to teaching children and adults about his beloved Paso Finos.   
It is true that the Paso Fino horses have a reputation of being hot, unmanageable little prancing horses that walk very fast and do not go very far.  This description is for the most part true of “Show Paso Finos”, of course there are exceptions even in the show horses.  This type of “Show Paso Fino “ is mostly handled by trainers and professional riders.
However a whole population of Saddle Seat Paso horses are NOT like this. This other group of horses can be enjoyed by their owners. These horses are well mannered, easy going, athletes that will take their riders on long trail rides in total comfort. This type of Paso Fino is more akin to the original Paso Fino.
Paso Finos were developed in Latin America and the Caribbean, most notably Colombia and Puerto Rico as a comfortable mode of transportation between farms.  The terrain that they had to traverse was often times mountainous and wet therefore they had to be surefooted and provide a comfortable ride.  They were also used for farm work and had to be quick with stamina. This resulted in a multipurpose, highly adaptable, very sound horse of medium size, with an easy going temperament and a quick wit.
The most unique aspect about a Paso Fino is his gait.  It is a 4 beat lateral gait. The gait goes hind left to front left to hind right to front right one at a time.  This way of walking produces a distinctive ta-ca ta-ca sound that is unique  to true Paso Finos. This progression gives tremendous stability to the rider and has earned them the description as the most comfortable ride in the world.  There are 3 basic speeds in the true Paso Fino: there is the Paso Corto, which is a collected moderately fast gait, the Paso Largo, which is an extended gait that is surprisingly effective to cover long distances still in the 4 beat lateral gait, and the Classic Fino which is a very collected gait that only a select few animals can do naturally.
What makes this breed so unique among horse breeds is that all these gaits are totally natural to the Paso Fino  horses.  The foals are born walking this way;  as they mature this natural ability can be polished but not taught!!!
Unfortunately the stress of “showing” is causing the Paso Fino to suffer just like many other  breeds of horses and all types of animals that are bred to “show”.  The pressure of producing animals that have an ever more collected gait that can beat their legs without advancing is damaging the image and the true nature of this amazing breed.
The natural, well balanced and carefully trained Saddle Seat Paso Fino should be a horse of great elegance and balance, good disposition and very willing to work.  This type of horse should be able to go on a long trail ride either walking or at Paso Largo with no problem. They can be taught to navigate obstacle courses, play soccer or to jump all in the great comfort afforded by their particular way of walking.  They can also be used to work due to their agility, stamina and intelligence.  It is a horse to be enjoyed by people of all ages due to the great comfort they afford their rider.
Due to the stability of their stride they are particularly well suited to be ridden by people with back or knee problems, who may find the motion of other breeds jarring and discomforting
The Saddle Seat Paso Fino is unique among horse breeds and their agility, stamina, intelligence and temperament make a great find in the horse world.
This is but a short introduction to the how and the why of these amazing creatures.
If you should have any questions regarding these magnificent horses do not hesitate to reach us!!!
Miriam Mendez DVM 305-773-5412
Jaime Escudero  786-218-7016
Maria Alejandra Acero Escudero  305-972-7650



Tropical Park Hurricane Stalls

We are still in Hurricane Season and below is a review of things to consider…  When a Hurricane Watch goes into effect, the barn manager, Pablo Tejeda, will attempt to reach everyone to confirm that you will take possession of your stall.  If unsuccessful, he will reassign your stall for that hurricane to someone else.  Please call him either way at (305) 5547334 and leave a message. (only if a hurricane is imminent)

Your reservation fee per stall is $26.00. This reserves a stall for the 2014 Hurricane Season. Once a Hurricane Watch goes into effect and you take possession of your stall, on the 25th hour Miami-Dade County will charge a daily fee, plus an additional $26.00 to re-reserve your stall for the remainder of the 2014 Season.

Upon arrival, Pablo will need to see your Coggins papers.  Suggested items to bring are flashlight, buckets with clips for water, (muck buckets or garbage cans work), a fly mask, your name, horse’s name and phone #’s taped to your stall doors, halter, written on your horse, etc.

You can’t leave anything but your horse at Tropical Park.

Depending on the storm’s estimated arrival, Miami-Dade County will lock the park gates. Once the Hurricane Watch is lifted, you have 48 hours to remove your horse. All stalls must be cleaned before leaving or an additional charge of $26 per stall will be applied and you will be unable to reserve stalls in the future.

Hope to see you on the trail – not at Tropical Park!

Debi Catarineau-Priest


By:  Manny Alvarez

Once again this year the South Florida Trail Riders proudly joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 4127 (Homestead) in a day of remembrance for the victims of the 9-11 Attacks, their families, and the men and women of the Armed Forces killed in the war against terrorism.
The event was well attended by members of the VFW, military reserved units from various branches, ROTC units and Junior ROTC units.  The Homestead Everglades Posse participated, as they always do, and looked great in their Stars and Stripes shirts.  Other groups consisted of community organizations and service clubs from several high schools.  U.S. Congressman Joe Garcia was also on hand to support the Freedom Walk.
This year the VFW had a very special surprise planned for all those attending. They arranged for the Some Gave All travelling memorial to bring their wall of Fallen Heroes to South Miami-Dade. The memorial consists of panels inscribed with the names of all the 9-11 victims, and all the names of the members of the Armed Forces killed in the War Against Terrorism.
After the march, everyone was treated to lunch courtesy of the VFW.  We want to thank Post Commander Jorge Martinez, VFW Quarter Master Denis Neeley, VFW Ladies Auxiliary President Lauren Neeley, and VFW Freedom Walk Chairman Jodi Nerney for allowing us to be part of the Freedom Walk, and for the fantastic job they do every year.
I would also like to thank my co-Trail Boss Bonny George Jr. for her hard work before, during, and after the Freedom Walk. Her help was instrumental in making sure everything flowed according to plan. Special thanks also for SFTR Board Member Gina Milhet, whose hard work was very important in getting everyone signed-in, flags assigned and many other tasks on the day of the event. Of course, this event would have never taken place without the participation of all the SFTR members who were there with or without their horses, to give us much needed support. Thank you to all of you.
Next year the Freedom Walk will take place on Saturday September 12, 2015.  Mark your calendars.





Our Parade Season is about to get busy and we hope to see many new faces wanting to have fun and show-off what you & your horse learned at Sonny’s & Bonny’s parade practice! 
Take advantage of our next parade, Homestead Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 11th, as it’s open to all members as long as you wear black pants, white shirt and straw cowboy hat/helmet and ride a clean, healthy horse!
Our uniformed Parade Team Members will carry the flags (something to aspire to:-) and welcome all the parade spectators and thank all our Veterans, with those not in uniform falling in behind and doing the same. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to see if you have what it takes to be a part of our team!

Look forward to seeing you soon! Debi & Craig


Here is a list of the upcoming parades:

Nov. 11th - Homestead Veterans Day
Nov. 30th - Jr. Orange Bowl
Dec. 7th - Parade of the Elves in South Miami
Jan. 24th Homestead Rodeo




November 22 & 23, 2014
Contact: Andrea Sante 305-216-2461 or Augie Saavedra 305-233-7927

Contact Andrea to get a RSVP form to fill out. or 305-216-2461.

· If you are from outside Miami-Dade County please contact Andrea (305) 216-2461 or email for camping options.
· If you can “horsepool” with your friends that would be ideal as we have limited space.
· Protective boots or shoes on your horse are recommended for this ride as some of the trail is rocky.
· Bring your own chairs to lunch or sit on the grass on Saturday.
· Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
· Bring your own snacks for the trail.
· Club will provide drinks.
· We will move the rigs at the ride. Drivers will be transported back to their rigs.

· Red ribbons on kickers please.
· No galloping past other riders.
· Please be courteous to your fellow riders.
· Your outriders have the final say. Listen to them.
· Pay attention to the Out Riders and Drag rider. They are there for your safety. If you have a problem please notify one of them. They will have orange vests on.
· You MUST keep your horse up with the group, no falling behind.


Saturday 11/22/14 Starting point 9:00 AM Ride out: South Dade Greenway Glenn Garret Park
You will follow Everglades National Park signs most of the way. This ride is approx. 12 miles.

From US #1 or Florida Turnpike extension (last exit): 
Go west on SR 9336 (Palm Drive/S.W. 344 Street)
To S.W. 192 Avenue, make a left (Robert is Here Fruit Stand)
Go to S.W. 376 Street, make a right follow the SR 9336 signs.
Go approximately 6.0 miles to the Park on left. You will see a SFTR sign and/or trailers.

Sunday 11/23/14 Starting point 9:00 AM Ride out: Homestead Rodeo Grounds:  1034 NE 8th St,
Homestead, FL 33030. This ride is approx 9 miles.
The Homestead Rodeo Grounds are located at Harris Field on the corner of US Highway 1 and
SW 312 St (Campbell Drive) Homestead.
Go south on US #1, make 1st left just after S.W. 312 St, follow road to the front of the rodeo arena.
Florida Turnpike to exit 2 (Campbell Drive 312 St) Go West to US1 and make a left, make your next left into Harris Field. Follow road to rodeo grounds.

White Star Farms
Florida Lumber
Robbie’s Feed & Supply






FOR SALE: Western Show saddle, bridle, breastplate (lots of silver). Western saddle, Hunt seat saddle, Dressage saddle, cutback saddle, multiple English bridles, bits, show halters, conchos, saddle pads, leg wraps, tack box, saddle racks, body clippers, lots of miscellaneous supplies. No more horses. Contact Rosalie at (305)246-1747 for details.

BOARDING: Full board, daily turnout - $400.00 per month.   Please call Augie 305-582-1557.

FOR SALE: Endurance type black leather western saddle, no horn. 16” heavy duty in good shape. $100. Call Andrea 305-216-2461.

FOR SALE: Bob Marshall treeless western saddle 16”. Beautiful saddle, black & brown, extras added. $1250. Andrea 305-216-2461.

In between newsletters you can follow all SFTR activities in our Facebook Page.  "South Florida Trail Riders"

FOR SALE: 14H Grade, healthy horse. No papers, well trained, was a kids horse, 17 years old.  An easy keeper. $850.  Call Neil 561-662-0367.

FOR SALE/LEASE: 11 yr Warmblood Gelding. Sorrel color. No papers. Buy for $2300 obo or lease here for $500 a month. Healthy, nice disposition. Easy keeper.  Redland Riding Academy 305-323-4038.

FOR SALE: Custom trail tack. Ride your favorite sport team colors on your horse or add matching rains and brow band to your saddle pad. Call Carrie 305-206-0317or email

FOR SALE: Roll-a-way saddle racks by Ben. $75.00 Makes a great xmas gift. 305-323-4328.

TACK REPAIRS: Repairing tack, Buying, trading old used tack.  Dianne Peles  305-938-0572.

BOARDING: All CBS barn, automatic waterers. Lots of area to ride with no worries of traffic. $125 per month for the stall. Call Jesus 305-226-1961. Barn is at 12201 SW 199 Ave.

FOR SALE: 1997 Two horse trailer with tack room in the front. Bumper pull. In good condition. Pictures are available. $3,500! 305-297-3460.

FOR SALE: Saddles.  One English, One Paso and a few western.  Starting at $50.  305-331-7599.  Mike.  

BOARDING:  Okeechobee, $150.00 per month, feed extra, pasture with run in shed.  Retirement boarding also.40 acres.  Near many nice trails.  Caretaker on premise.  Call Rosanne for details (863)357-8769.

FOR SALE: 2009 Shadow LQ 3 horse GN. Stallion stall, slide out w/couch, fridge,microwave, sink, a/c heat furnace, shower, toilet, hay rack, generator. $30K. Call Leah for info. Located in Naples. 239-248-8338.

BOARDING: Full board, $500/month, turnout 6 days. Redland Riding Academy 305-323-4038.

HORSE ART: Buying  and selling.  Horse antique art, jewelry, statues, etc. Contact Marsha at carouselworkshop@ OR see us at

FOR SALE: Nice looking Quarter horses. Call JC Vina. 305-773-4022.








Photo Gallery:


ACTHA Jousting clinic


ACTHA winners at Banquet -
1st place AnnLouise Oudin
2nd place Andrea Sante


End of ACTHA ride thru White Star Farms


Member of the Year - Bonny George Jr,


Lifetime Achievement Award - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger


Banquet trail boss shirts and part of the raffles


Goethe BCA ride in October


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3 Ranch Challenge

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Officers and Directors

SFTR - D Board

President - Mike Maldonado
Vice President - Wayne Hershberger 
Secretary - Bonny George Jr.
Treasurer - Julie Gonzalez

Board of Directors:

Debbie Brunson
Sandy Fobb
Carrie Hershberger
Wendy Lewit
Wilfredo Perez

Alternate Board of Directors

Richard Dunmoyer
Bonny George Jr.


  • Camping - Andrea Sante (
  • Emergency Management - Sandy Fobb 
  • Funnel Cakes - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger
  • Historian - Deda & Mike Maldonado 
  • Hot-Line - Wendy Sue Lewit
  • Hurricane Stalls – Debi Cat-Priest
  • Membership -Marilyn Vina
  • Newsletter - Andrea Sante (,
  • Parades - Debi Cat-Priest
  • Programs - Ben Kroner
  • Public Relations - (Open)
  • Sunshine - Debi Cat-Priest (
  • T-Shirts -Debbie Brunson ( 305-505-7103



Would You Like To Join
The South Florida Trail Riders?

Annual membership for individual is $30; family is $35. Our calendar year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. New memberships after April 15th will continue through the next year. It will be like getting free membership until Sept. 1st. For more information and a newsletter call Andrea Sante at (305) 258-7780 OR Email Andrea at

Click HERE for the membership applicaton. (PDF)

Click HERE for the bylaws (PDF)

Here is a list of rides, clinics and events that the SFTR has sponsored and participated in:

  • Camping all over Florida in places like Highlands Hammock State Park, Ocala National Forest, Dupuis Reserve, Withlacoochee Forest, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Cecil Webb, Adams Ranch - Ft. Pierce and Three Lakes area, Everglades National Park, Myakka River State Park, Tosohatchee State Reserve, Paynes Prairie State Preserve and Oleta River State Rec. Area., Oklawaha RV park, Potts Preserve, and many more.
  • Beach Rides & Lakes: Virginia Key, Hutchinson Island, Wolf Lake, Tree Tops Park Lake, Miami Beach Moonlight Ride.
  • Clinics such as: Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Dentist, Coggins Test clinic, Large Animal Disaster Planning, Freezebranding clinic, Dressage clinic, Hunter-Jumper clinics.
  • Parades: Key Biscayne 4th of July, Calder Racetrack Parade of Breeds, Veterans Day in Homestead & Miami Lakes, University of Miami Homecoming, Parade of Elves, Jr. Orange Bowl, King Orange Bowl, Festival of Nations, Homestead Rodeo, Davie West Fair, St. Patricks Day, Gulfstream Racetrack and many more invites than we could handle.
  • Specialty Rides: Carrot Hunt, Fish Fry Ride, Michele’s Surprise Ride, Poker Rides, St. Judes Ride-a-Thon, Chili Ride, Halloween Bash, Toys for Tots, Team Penning, Wellington Hounds Walk, Laura’s Shake Ride, Tree Tops Hog Barbeque Ride, Mount Trashmore, Jello Rides, Wild West Ride, Greenways Trail.
  • Charity Events: Black Stallion Literacy Project, Ride-a-Thons for St. Judes, SPCA of Fl., Horse Protection Assoc. of Fl. and others.

Through your membership with our club, you can enjoy all these wonderful diverse events with special people who have the same love of horses as you do.

Please join our club and help us enlarge our membership to show our strength in the community, so we can lobby for more open places to ride.

Hotline (305) 4-HORSES

(305) 446-7737 Dade County

Please also visit the Broward County Trail Riders
website for more fun events and information!

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