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Who We Are
Rides and Events



Who Are The South Florida Trail Riders, Inc.?

 We are a nonprofit, all volunteer horse riding organization made up of family, single and youth members. Our members come from a wide variety of horse interests: breeding, showing, dressage, endurance, farriers, medical, pleasure, trainers and just "plain ol" horse lovers.

Our members have an equally broad range of vocational interests from horse trainers to medical doctors, truck drivers, students, stock brokers, attorneys, police, shopkeepers, teachers, etc.

All have one primary interest. . . to ride and care for horses.

We organize to:  

  • Preserve open "greenspace" conducive to safe responsible horse activities, primarily trail riding.
  • Develop horse trails and facilities.
  • Promote horse activities.
  • Promote legislation in favor of horsemen and horse related activities.
  • We believe in the American adage that "Together we stand, divided we fall."
  • The interests of our members are widely varied. Consequently, our activities are also varied.

Schedule of Upcoming Rides, Meetings, and Events

March 28th Saturday - Va. Key BEACH Ride! It is finally here. All riders must be PREPAID to be able to go on this ride. Please fill out the form in this newsletter and mail in with your payment of $20 per horse. Cars pay at the gate. Everyone MUST be a SFTR member before this ride. It is too confusing to try to collect money and memberships at the beach. Your name will be on a list at the gate to let you and your horses in. Bring your current coggins with you. Please do what you can to keep your horses under control. If we have any more loose horses on the beach, this will be our last ride! Any questions, please call Andrea 305-216-2461.

April 4th Saturday - Autism Ride. TB: Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez. This years host farm is White Star Farms. 25005 SW 193 Ave. Registration will be at 10:00AM. Riding out at 11:00AM.  Requested donation of $35 or more to enjoy this ride, raffle and lunch. All donations are tax deductible. We really need volunteers for this event. Please let Sylvia know if you can help. See the flyer in this newsletter. If you have any questions, please call Sylvia at  305-479-6640. Bake sale items can be donated also.

April 6th Monday - General Meeting at **Phil’s Berry Farm** 13955 SW 248 St. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Cost will be a flat $15 per person and will include chicken, veggies, pasta, salad, dessert, soda, coffee & tip. Andrea will need a RSVP for dinner so she can give Phil the head count. Speaker: Ben Kroner on the World Champion Blacksmith competition in Calgary, Canada.

April 10 – 12th Friday thru Sunday. Campout at Picayune Strand State Forest. TB: Robyn Anderson. This is a primitive facility. There is a portolet and spigots for water. 29 small paddocks. Lots of trails to ride and explore. If you are into exploring, bring a GPS. This forest is 7 miles across with all kinds of trails in between. There are several loops that are marked. You will have a lot of fun. Friday night social (bring appetizer) at the pavilion 6:00PM, Saturday night bring a covered dish to share. Cost is $10 per campsite per night. RSVP to Andrea 305-216-2461 or

April 12th Sunday - Miami Cattle Show. SFTR will have an exhibition with about 12 cowboys and some Parade Team members presenting all the flags. If you are interested in participating, you must be able to gallop around with a group of horses. Negative coggins required. Please call Manny 305-395-9343.

April 13th Monday -  Board Meeting at the Hershberger’s home  10532 SW 52 Terr. 7:00 PM social, 8:00 PM meeting. Please RSVP to Carrie at 305-206-0317.

April 18th Saturday - Redland 100 #9. Augie’s Urban Ride. 20105 SW 167th Avenue. Registration will start at 9:00 AM and ride out at 10:00AM. We will be doing a 4-5 hr loop ride. Please bring money for lunch. We’re stopping at Phil's Berry Farm at 13955 SW 248th St. Any questions call Augie @ 305-582-1557. 

April 25th Saturday - Va. Key BEACH Ride! All riders must be PREPAID to be able to go on this ride. Please fill out the form in this newsletter and mail in with your payment of $20 per horse. Cars pay at the gate. Everyone MUST be a SFTR member before this ride. Your name will be on a list at the gate to let you and your horses in. Bring your current coggins with you. Please do what you can to keep your horses under control. If we have any more loose horses on the beach, this will be our last ride! Any questions, please call Andrea 305-216-2461.

May 2nd Saturday - Redland 100 Ride #10. TB: Heidi & David. Mango Cafe Ride. Country Oaks Farm 14960 SW 260 St. Meet at 9:00AM and ride out at 10:00AM. Come join us for a nice 12 mile ride around the Redlands that will stop and end for a nice lunch at Mango Cafe at the Fruit and Spice Park. We will have a shuttle for returning to get the trailers. TB: Heidi & David. Any questions or directions call 305-989-3618.









March has been a very busy month. Some of the events include a Redland 100 ride, the Cecil Webb campout, the Youth Fair exhibition, and one of the Virginia Beach rides (another one will be in April).
The Redland 100 ride from Larry and Penny Thompson Park to Black Point Marina was a success. Thank you, Carlos Cardenas, for being the trial boss. There were about eighteen riders. We welcomed some guests from Jupiter and Wellington on this ride.  Please take note that when you need to be shuttled back to your rig after a ride, do not leave your keys on your horse.
If you are going on the Virginia Key Beach Ride, please take note of two things. This ride is a pre-pay ride at $20 per horse. The ride will be on March 28, and the tennis tournament is the same weekend, so be at the beach early to get parked without a problem.
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Read all About it! We are trying a new general meeting place on April 6. The location will be Phil’s Berry Farm. Dinner will be at 7:00 pm and the meeting will start at 8:00 pm. We hope to see you there! See the details in this newsletter.
            On April 4, the annual Autism Ride will take place at White Star Farms. If you can volunteer some time that day, contact Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez.
Other events coming up in April include the annual Cattle Show at Tropical Park Equestrian Center. We are in need of some cowboys and cowgirls to participate and carry flags. If you can help, contact Manny Alvarez (
Nominations are now being taken for the new governing body of SFTR. Be a part of the process and make your nominations for president, vice-president, treasurer, and board members. When the final ballot is published, make your voice heard by casting your votes. Thank you in advance for your participation.
Finally, be sure to make plans to attend our annual banquet. Once again it will be at 94th Aero squadron. A few changes are being made to make it even better than last year. We hope to see you there.
Happy Easter & Happy Trails,
Wayne Hershberger




It’s that time of year to accept nominations for all of the Board. Positions are: President, Vice President,
Secretary (appointed), Treasurer and (7) Board of Directors.
Think about who you would like to nominate and call or email Andrea Sante with their names. You can nominate as many people as you want. We will contact each person and ask them if they would like to accept their nomination.
The Board makes all the decisions for the upcoming year and welcomes fresh ideas. It is a lot of fun and
you get to know a great group of people by keeping in touch with the pulse of this organization.
We will have the ballot box at one of the rides before the May meeting so everyone will get the chance to
vote. Please exercise that option as these are the people who will be running your club. We really need the membership to get involved.
This year we are starting anonymous balloting. You MUST come to the General Meeting on May 4th to vote anonymously. Our banquet is scheduled for May 30, 2015 at 94th Aero Squadron.
Contact: Andrea Sante (305) 258-7780 or





94th Aero Squadron on
may 30, 2015.

The cost will be $35 per person.

Tables of 8 or 10 (your decision) will be available for reserving. Table must be paid for in advance. Get your family & friends together and get a table! See RSVP form in this newsletter.
Only 7 tables will be reserved.

This year our main dishes will be Chicken Marsala & Pepper Steak along with an array of salads, veggies & desserts.

We are starting to collect items for the raffle. Please contact Debbie Brunson if you have something you can donate.





A Sympathy Card was sent to long-time member and past President, Rob & Sharon Dixon on the passing of Rob's mom.
Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

A Welcome Baby Girl card was sent to Lincoln & Megan Iturrey's Baby Girl and Modesta's great granddaughter!

Please contact Debi Cat-Priest if you need a card sent to a SFTR member.





Get an E-card to keep in your wallet or on your saddle. This looks like a credit card with a picture of your horse and all the
coggins info. This link is the application.




Only a few left to get your 100 mile pin

 We are having 10 rides this year of 12 to 15 miles each, approximately 4-5 hours depending on how fast we walk.  You will only have to complete 7 rides to accomplish the 100 miles.

 If anyone has a new area (must be 12 to 15 miles) that they would like to explore or suggest, please contact me.
We would all like to see and ride in some new areas.

The following are the scheduled rides:

April 18      #9 Urban Ride TB: Augie
May 2          #10 TB: Heidi & David

You can contact Augie at 305-582-1557.
Augie Saavedra




Kelly Murphy Elected 2015
Homestead Rodeo Queen

The South Florida Trail Riders’ own Kelly Murphy was crowned Homestead Rodeo Queen for 2015.  Many of us have watched Kelly grow-up in front of our eyes. Along with her parents, Bryan and Renee Reynolds, Kelly has participated in just about every activity the club has to offer. She has sold funnel cakes at our Funnel Cake booth at the rodeo; she has ridden in local rides, parades, fundraisers, Freedom Walks, Cattle Show and at the Youth Fair presentations. In addition she’s and avid camper who has traveled with the club on many camping trips.
Kelly is a member of the FIU Equestrian team and she also competes in jumping competitions on her own.
The SFTR proudly sponsored Kelly for the Rodeo Queen contest and we are very proud that she was crowned queen. The little girl who would tag along on trail rides is now a young college student but continues to ride and camp with us whenever she has free time from school and her other responsibilities.
We wish Kelly a great year ahead, and we have no doubts she will continue to be an excellent ambassador for the South Florida Trail Riders.
Manny Alvarez

Thank You For Your Support
By: Kelly Murphy
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the support, encouragement, and help I received from the South Florida Trail Riders in winning the title of 2015 Homestead Rodeo Queen.
I grew up riding with many of you on local rides, parades, and camping trips. During that time I always considered many of you part of my extended family and always felt a special bond with the club.
The night I was crowned queen, as I stood on the stage, I knew I was standing there in great part thanks to my parents, my friends, and the South Florida Trail Riders.
My most sincere “Thank You” goes out to all of you.  During the coming year I pledge to conduct my duties in such a way to make me worthy of the support you have given me. I’ll strive to do you proud.




The redland 100 First annual quit
monkeying around and come trail ride
The day started with donuts and cookies and the arena was set up with jumps, small barrel course, and a mounted shooting course for anyone who wanted to warm up the horses and have a little fun while others saddles up. We had 13 ride out at 10 for a Redland adventure.  We had a treat to start the day, every one got a monkey stuffed animal collectible.      

The day was beautiful, perfect weather for a ride. We began with a song from mike, Willie Nelson's on the road again with new words for on the trails again. An awesome start to the day. We stopped by Phil's Berry farm on 248 for some monkey bread and shakes. Then we hit the trails, thru the fields, on the dirt roads, and then the canals with the trail ride calls of hole on the left, hole on the right, but then a surprise call of money on the left. Did we hear that right, money?  Yes after a quick dismount it was discovered the trail ride had become a treasure hunt. Someone left 20.00 on the ground, and everyone decided it should be a donation to the up coming autism ride. What a treat. We ventured forward along the canal, across bridges and down the dirt roads enjoying the scenery, and the company of fellow trail riders and friends. We couldn't have asked for a better day. We passed behind the Monkey Jungle and on to the final trail home.       

Debi contacted me earlier, and asked if she could help in any way, so she arrived shortly before we got there to get my rice and meatball dish started cooking ( now my secret recipe is out there! lol.). She was a blessing to have come and help us so we would have lunch when we got there and not have to wait for it to cook ( thank you Debi you made the day a success and you made the dish prefect everyone loved it.)  We had a rice/meat ball dish and hot dogs with chips. It was a blast everyone enjoyed. We sold raffle tickets for the 50/50 for the autism ride, which were pulled that next Thursday at Keg South and the Ramos family won the 50/50. Congrats to you and thanks to all who bought tickets to support the fund raiser.

The trail ride was 13.73 miles and a total time of 4 hrs 18 minutes. It was a great day and we look forward to hosting next years ride again. See you on the trails. 
Heidi and Dave



8290 Martin Lane, Zolfo Springs, Fl.
Ride is Sat. May 2nd 2015, Camping May 1-3.
Benefitting Heartland Horses & Handicapped.
Adult Trail Rider ($50 min.) Youth Trail Rider ($35 min.)
Non-Rider $20

Call 863-452-0006  or

Entry includes weekend camping, riding on your own, t-shirt, Saturday 3 hour guided ride, Sat evening smoked rib & chicken dinner, live entertainment , auctions & door prizes.
Dinner will be included for participants pre-registered by April 15th Negative Coggins is required at check in. We now accept Credit Cards at all our events

Gates open at noon on Friday & close noon on Sunday. Stalls available first come first serve. Camping available at no additional Charge.

Please comply with the following: Dogs must be kept on leash, No glass containers, No ATV’s, no individual campfires. Stalls must be left cleaned, All hay, manure and trash must be picked up and placed in proper dumping areas. Youth riders age 16 and under must wear a helmet at all times while mounted on property. Please be good stewards of the land!

How to win prizes: Collect the most sponsorship money from friends, family and local businesses in your area. Bring your sponsor sheet with all money collected to ride registration. If you are one of the top three amounts brought in, you win! No transferring of sponsors to other riders allowed.




FOR SALE - Champion Large Welsh Gelding. 10 yr.old  Pony Hunter. Fits most adults who are 5' 5" or under. Do to retirement and closing down business, have cut his price more than half!  $10,000. Call Donna  PH:  305-559 -7868.

FOR SALE: Champion  Medium Welsh pony hunter mare. 12 yrs with papers, impeccable breeding and last of the "line" was  $15k, now $5,000. Fits adults  5' 2 " and under. Call Donna PH:  305-559 -7868.

FOR LEASE: FARM in Kendall horse country. Great location for lessons, etc. wealthy business population surrounds this area. 3 bedroom house, 15 stalls, large ring, lights for evening riding, sprinkler system!!  Donna   305-559-7868.

FOR SALE: Horse property close to all major roads but with lots of trails to ride! 2/1 wood frame home on 1.5 acres. CBS 3,000 sq ft garage, 3 stall barn plus tack room. Separate laundry room with AC.  $349,000 obo. Andrea 305-216-2461.

FOR FREE: 1 year old Bunnies. 3 girls and 2 boys. Good home only. Anne 305-753-2847.

BOARDING: Full board, daily turnout - $400.00 per month.   Please call Augie 305-582-1557.

FOR SALE: Paso Fino gelding, grey, 14 years old. Lots of brio. Past show champion. $3,000 obo. Andrea 305-216-2461.

In between newsletters you can follow all SFTR activities in our Facebook Page.  "South Florida Trail Riders"

FOR SALE: 4 Star GN aluminum 2003. 2 horse slant load, fully insulated dressing room, partial LQ, walk thru door, Cowboy shower, fans above horses, removable hay bags, top vents, awning and more.  $13,500. Michele 305-259-3222.

FREE: 19 yr old Thoroughbred Chestnut Gelding. Lovely horse, sweet, safe, calm. Needs to retire from lessons and therapy program. Would make a great companion or trail horse. Good home a must. Call Jen at 305 926 8239.

FOR SALE: English Saddle with saddle pad. $200. Freddy 305-297-3460.

FOR SALE: 17.5" Siegfried Stubben Hunter/Jumper Saddle with leathers & irons. $475 or trade for endurance type saddle or something interesting!  Naples.  SmokyFeatherFarm@gmail. com or 239-595-1003.

BUYING and SELLING used tack: Repairing saddles and tack.  Sonni Peles 305-398-0572.

BOARDING: $475/month, full board, lots of turnout, Seminole Feed, extra care available.  305-323-4038

FOR SALE: Several Horses. 6 yr old Grulla Dun AQHA gelding $3,000; 12 yr old Warmblood gelding $2,000; Reg Cracker mare, 5 yrs old, not broke. $400. 305-323-4038

High pressure services: Trail Riders need your trailers, barns, or houses cleaned. Call us, get 10% discount for SFTR members. Make it all look new again. Call and ask for David 305-989-3618. See you on the trails squeaky clean..

LESSONS: Dressage training for you and your horse. Becky Lamas, USDF Associate Instructor, Ride Away Stables. 305-525-3573.

FOR SALE: 2009 Shadow LQ 3 horse GN. Stallion stall, slide out w/couch, fridge, microwave, sink, a/c heat furnace, shower, toilet, hay rack, generator. $30K. Call Leah for info. Located in Naples. 239-248-8338.

FOR SALE: 2 grade quarter horse mares. 12 yr old bay mother an 3 yr old gray daughter. Mother used to be a roping horse. Daughter has minimal handling. They are UTD on shots, and deworming. Owner does not want them anymore, so I am helping him to sell them. Asking $1000 each or take both for $1600. Call Heidi: 305-794-1257






Photo Gallery:


ACTHA Jousting clinic


ACTHA winners at Banquet -
1st place AnnLouise Oudin
2nd place Andrea Sante


End of ACTHA ride thru White Star Farms


Member of the Year - Bonny George Jr,


Lifetime Achievement Award - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger


Banquet trail boss shirts and part of the raffles


Goethe BCA ride in October


Click To View  Jr. Orange Bowl Parade
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3 Ranch Challenge

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Officers and Directors

SFTR - D Board

President - Wayne Hershberger
Vice President -  Mike Maldonado 
Secretary – Tracy Raulerson
Treasurer - Julie Gonzalez

Board of Directors:
Sandy Fobb
Carrie Hershberger
Wilfredo Perez

Debi Cat-Priest
Craig Priest

Alternate Board of Directors

Debi East
Gina Milhet


  • Camping - Andrea Sante (
  • Emergency Management - Sandy Fobb 
  • Funnel Cakes - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger
  • Historian - Deda & Mike Maldonado 
  • Hot-Line - Wendy Sue Lewit
  • Hurricane Stalls – Debi Cat-Priest
  • Membership -Marilyn Vina
  • Newsletter - Andrea Sante (,
  • Parades - Debi Cat-Priest
  • Programs - Ben Kroner
  • Public Relations - (Open)
  • Sunshine - Debi Cat-Priest (
  • T-Shirts -Debbie Brunson ( 305-505-7103



Would You Like To Join
The South Florida Trail Riders?

Annual membership for individual is $30; family is $35. Our calendar year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. New memberships after April 15th will continue through the next year. It will be like getting free membership until Sept. 1st. For more information and a newsletter call Andrea Sante at (305) 258-7780 OR Email Andrea at

Click HERE for the membership applicaton. (PDF)

Click HERE for the bylaws (PDF)

Here is a list of rides, clinics and events that the SFTR has sponsored and participated in:

  • Camping all over Florida in places like Highlands Hammock State Park, Ocala National Forest, Dupuis Reserve, Withlacoochee Forest, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Cecil Webb, Adams Ranch - Ft. Pierce and Three Lakes area, Everglades National Park, Myakka River State Park, Tosohatchee State Reserve, Paynes Prairie State Preserve and Oleta River State Rec. Area., Oklawaha RV park, Potts Preserve, and many more.
  • Beach Rides & Lakes: Virginia Key, Hutchinson Island, Wolf Lake, Tree Tops Park Lake, Miami Beach Moonlight Ride.
  • Clinics such as: Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Dentist, Coggins Test clinic, Large Animal Disaster Planning, Freezebranding clinic, Dressage clinic, Hunter-Jumper clinics.
  • Parades: Key Biscayne 4th of July, Calder Racetrack Parade of Breeds, Veterans Day in Homestead & Miami Lakes, University of Miami Homecoming, Parade of Elves, Jr. Orange Bowl, King Orange Bowl, Festival of Nations, Homestead Rodeo, Davie West Fair, St. Patricks Day, Gulfstream Racetrack and many more invites than we could handle.
  • Specialty Rides: Carrot Hunt, Fish Fry Ride, Michele’s Surprise Ride, Poker Rides, St. Judes Ride-a-Thon, Chili Ride, Halloween Bash, Toys for Tots, Team Penning, Wellington Hounds Walk, Laura’s Shake Ride, Tree Tops Hog Barbeque Ride, Mount Trashmore, Jello Rides, Wild West Ride, Greenways Trail.
  • Charity Events: Black Stallion Literacy Project, Ride-a-Thons for St. Judes, SPCA of Fl., Horse Protection Assoc. of Fl. and others.

Through your membership with our club, you can enjoy all these wonderful diverse events with special people who have the same love of horses as you do.

Please join our club and help us enlarge our membership to show our strength in the community, so we can lobby for more open places to ride.

Hotline (305) 4-HORSES

(305) 446-7737 Dade County

Please also visit the Broward County Trail Riders
website for more fun events and information!

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