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Who Are The South Florida Trail Riders, Inc.?

 We are a nonprofit, all volunteer horse riding organization made up of family, single and youth members. Our members come from a wide variety of horse interests: breeding, showing, dressage, endurance, farriers, medical, pleasure, trainers and just "plain ol" horse lovers.

Our members have an equally broad range of vocational interests from horse trainers to medical doctors, truck drivers, students, stock brokers, attorneys, police, shopkeepers, teachers, etc.

All have one primary interest. . . to ride and care for horses.

We organize to:  

  • Preserve open "greenspace" conducive to safe responsible horse activities, primarily trail riding.
  • Develop horse trails and facilities.
  • Promote horse activities.
  • Promote legislation in favor of horsemen and horse related activities.
  • We believe in the American adage that "Together we stand, divided we fall."
  • The interests of our members are widely varied. Consequently, our activities are also varied.

Schedule of Upcoming Rides, Meetings, and Events

March 30th Sunday - SFTR will have an exhibition at the Youth Fair. Come and see us and many other clubs and breeds show off their horses.

April 3rd Thursday - Purina Horse Owners Workshop. 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Sunset Feed & Supply. 7650 SW 117 Ave. 305-271-0341.

April 5th Saturday - Autism Ride. TB: Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez. Hosted by Woodrose Ranch. 14501 SW 224 St. Register 10:00 AM Ride out at 11:00 AM. See  article & flyer in newsletter.

April 7th Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room. SPEAKER: Jeff Storey of PLP Natural Products. Made from pure plant oils! All All Natural Insect & Rodent Repellent is a spray alternative that can be used in repelling most flying and crawling insects. This all natural product can be applied to lawns, gardens and open fields, around the house, and patio. It can also be sprayed in and around barns and throughout the stalls and safely used around lakes, ponds, and bog gardens.

April 11th thru 14th Friday thru Monday - Alafia River State Park camping. TB: AnnLouise Oudin. Park is full at this time but keep checking back for a cancellation.

April 15th TUESDAY - Board Meeting at the Hershberger’s home 8:00 PM meeting. 10532 SW 52 Terr. Please RSVP to Carrie at 305-206-0317.

April 19th Saturday - Almost Annual Fish Fry & Membership Ride. TB: Manny Alvarez & Andrea Sante. White Star Farms 25005 SW 193 Ave. Ride out at 3:00 PM sharp. We will eat at 5:00 PM. The ride will be about 1.5 hours for a leisurely stroll thru the neighborhoods. $5 per person, please bring a dessert dish to share. You must be a member, no day passes allowed. Please RSVP to Andrea at 305-216-2461 or

April 26th Saturday - LAST BEACH RIDE!!! Va. Key Beach here we come! 35 trailer maximum. Must arrive by 10:30AM to get in. Your name MUST be on the list or you cannot enter. Horse pool if you can. Call or email Andrea if you would like to RSVP 305-216-2461. Beach open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. $20 per horse.

May 3rd Saturday - Dominos & Dine Ride. TB: Gina Milhet. Delio’s Ranch 14505 SW 179 Ave. Ride out at 11:00 AM. We will have a nice ride then come back and have lunch and play dominoes! RSVP to Gina 786-286-0617.

May 5th Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room.  VOTING!  If you want to be anonymous you must attend this meeting to vote.




Hi Trail Riders,

SFTR is as busy as ever. Rides, campouts, and events, our calendar is packed. The beach rides have brought members new and old out of the woodwork, driving many miles to dip their hoovesies in our ocean.

And we have so much coming up. The Autism Ride, a Fish Fry Ride, and one more Beach Ride. We can show off our horses at the Youth Fair and the Agricultural and Cattle Show, that's only in April.

Although our calendar is kind of full we have several Sundays still available.  Some of our members work Saturdays and can only ride on Sunday, so people, let's have some Sunday rides.

Let's not forget to nominate someone that you think will add to our board and then vote.

Remember our banquet is just around the corner and we could use some donations for our raffles and lots of people to eat, drink, dance and be happy, and it's at a new location, the 94 Aero Squadron.

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the trail and at our banquet.

Happy Trails,
Mike Maldonado



This year we will have a new place for our banquet!!

It will be at 94th Aero Squadron on
June 14, 2014.

The cost will be $35 per person for the
Buffet and a cash bar as usual.

This year the food is plentiful and excellent. We will have pasta, meat, veggies, rolls, 4 different salads and an array of desserts.

We are starting to collect items for the raffle. Please contact Debbie Brunson if you have something you can donate.


A Hurry & Get Well Card was sent to Heidi Stibitz who spent a couple days in the hospital after being hit by a car while on her motor-scooter.  Get Well Cards were also sent to two of our riders at the Sweetheart Ride in Davie.  Susan Campbell was squeezed off her horse by a low branch after battling deep mud and derelict sprinklers!  Later that day Gail Dixon was taken to the hospital with a nasty gash to her leg after her horse spooked and backed in to a small canal (Gail’s lesson for all of us is to request a culture so you know what antibiotics to take!). 
A Sympathy Card was sent to Belinda Hebert after having to put her horse, Cesar, down.  Art Chiong on the loss of his little rescued kitty, Ellen Peaceman had to put Justice down and Michelle Byriel after her sweet kitty, Whip, developed an infection and needed euthanasia.

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sunshine Committee


Saturday, April 19, 2014

White Star Farms, 25005 S.W. 193 Ave., Redland
Registration 2 PM.
Ride out 3 PM sharp for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood.
Dinner starts at 5:00 PM after riders get back.
$5.00 per person all you can eat. Please bring a dessert dish to share.
Must be a member (no one day memberships)
You may join the club or renew your membership at the door. Guest must join to attend.

Local wild caught salt water fish.
Homemade hush puppies
Homemade cheese grits
Cole Slaw
Sodas and water
Please bring a dessert dish to share.

Must RSVP so we know how much food to buy.
Please contact Andrea Sante at
Manny Alvarez
Trail Boss/Fishmonger



Dr. Franklin will be doing coggins testing at the Autism Ride on April 5.
The charge will be $35 and he is donating a portion of every test to our cause. Each owner will get an emailed test result along with 3 actual pictures of their horse, not a drawing.
These can be saved on your smart phones or digital devices and are accepted everywhere a coggins is requested.     
You can bring your horses just for the testing, even if you can't go on the trail ride. If you have any questions, call or text Sylvia at 305-479-6640.



This year the SFTR ANNUAL AUTISM RIDE, RAFFLE, and AUCTION will take place on Saturday April 5. Lulu Franklin and Dr. Zac Franklin will be hosting the event at their beautiful Woodrose Ranch Equestrian Center located at 14501 SW 224 St in the Redland. For the 4th year in a row, the MIAMI MARLINS will partner with us and Villa Lyan to make this ride a memorable one. They will be donating raffle items as well. Registration is at 10 AM and ride out time is 11 AM.
The ranch is surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful trails and Trail Bosses Lulu Franklin and Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez have picked a good one for this ride.
As are all SFTR rides, this ride is free for all SFTR members. Donations are optional. One hundred per cent of the money raised from food sales and donations will be donated to the Villa Lyan School for Autistic Children. The donation is earmarked to help their Horse Assisted Therapy Program. Hyppotherapy for children diagnosed within the autism spectrum, is a valued tool in increasing motor and behavioral skills in patients. Villa Lyan is an IRS 501c3 charitable non profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible. Villa Lyan does not turn away any children who cannot pay.
With a minimum donation of $35 you will receive a commemorative bandana, lunch, and a 20% discount voucher from Robbie’s Feed Store. Lunch will be your choice of a 100% Beef Quarter Pound Burger topped your way at the condiment bar and it includes chips and slaw or an All-American Quarter Pound Hot Dog finished your own way with chili or  homemade jalapeno cheese sauce and condiments, slaw and chips.  This year we are adding a bake sale. We encourage you to donate items to the bake sale to be sold at the ride and 100% of all proceeds will be donated as well.
After lunch we will have a raffle featuring some amazing items, and an old fashioned un-silent, noisy, auction where you will have the opportunity to bid on many unique items.
If you would like to volunteer some of your time, or if you can donate items for the raffle, auction, and bake sale, please contact Lulu Franklin 305-258-9595 or Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez 305-479-6640 You can also see a list of raffle and auction items on the Villa Lyan Autism Ride Facebook page.

Hope to see all of you there. It’s going to be a fun day.
Manny Alvarez


Article 10 – Lateral Cartilage and Digital Cushion
 This is the tenth in a series of articles about the visible anatomy of the equine hoof.  The two parts of the horse’s hoof discussed in this article are not visible; but I mention them here because you can feel them, and because they are of primary importance when it comes to hoof health.  As each horse is unique, the descriptions used will be basic and generally thought to be acceptable by veterinarians, farriers, and barefoot trimmers. This is meant to be a guideline to help you recognize a good foot or a potential problem.  I am a barefoot enthusiast with nine barefoot horses and I have completed a yearlong course on applied equine podiatry. The articles are edited by Zachary Franklin, DVM.
Definition of Lateral Cartilage: ( aka the collateral cartilage or ungular cartilage) The  lateral cartilage of the hoof is attached to the palmar/plantar (rear/lower) processes of the coffin bone on both the lateral and medial (outside and inside). It wraps around each side to the dorsal area (top) of the hoof just under the coronary band. The lateral cartilage plays a major role in storing and releasing energy during stride.
Definition of Digital Cushion:  An elastic structure which is wedge shaped and occupies the lower rear area of the hoof. It is bordered by the lateral cartilages at the sides and by the frog below. The base lies under the skin at the back of the hoof and is divided by a depression into two rounded masses forming part of the heel bulbs.  It plays a major part in reducing concussion to both the coffin and navicular bones;  and on the hoofs ability to expand, flex and distort on impact.
I have included the lateral cartilage and digital cushion in this series of articles because they are very important structures and although not visible, you can feel them. The lateral cartilages and digital cushion are the soft tissues that make up the back two thirds of the hoof. One cannot stress enough the importance of the health of these two structures relative to the health of the entire hoof. In a healthy hoof the digital cushion will feel firm and just a little yielding when pressed with the thumb. It should not feel soft and mushy. When healthy the lateral cartilages will feel firm, flexible and lay over the top of the heel bulb. An unhealthy lateral cartilage will feel more upright. In the drawing below I point out where you can feel the structures.
Susan Boyd


Rear View of Hoof
aLateral Cartilage – feel over the top of each heel bulbb

cDigital Cushion – press here with thumb





Five of our members were so great to show their support for the Special Olympics of Miami Dade! Ben Kroner, Sharon & Rob Dixon, Keira and Sandy Fobb were there. But I would really love to give a big commendation to Sandy and Keira. They were there before I even got there and they groomed, tacked up and participated in walking the horses around with all the special needs children. They were so patient and wonderful!!! Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez



Our first beach ride of the year has now passed. We had a nice turnout of 14 trailers and about 30 horses. The smaller groups are much easier to clean up after.
A BIG Thanks to Augie for getting there at 7AM to put out the signs and cones so we don’t go into the forbidden areas of the beach. Also putting out 200’ of hose so we can water our horses.
Thanks to Heather Siems for volunteering to take over at the front gate for me since I left my horse tied at the trailer.
From what everyone was saying, they all enjoyed the day at the beach with their horses. It was beautiful and not too hot.
Clean up was very easy, everyone cleaned up after themselves at the parking area. Linda and I walked the trail to the beach and cleaned up any stray poops! Mike & Augie were picking up the cones, hose and signs.
I hope to see you all at the April 26th beach ride. It will be our last one until next year.
Andrea Sante



The SFTR has a member in the service. She has given us a contact for sending these care packages to. When you make one up to send, put a note saying it was from a South Florida Trail Rider member.

The one thing that they would really like is beef or turkey jerky, flavored water drops, coffee. It’s cold over there now so warm socks, etc.
Remember, when you make your care box, that there are both men and women over there

Post Office has a flat rate box with a special price when you send to an APO.

The mailing address is:

David Lionberger
APO, AE 09353



Parade Team is on vacation at this time. Thank you all for your support, enthusiasm and commitment to this great tradition! 
Our first parade of the season will be the Key Biscayne 4th of July parade. We hope to see you there!
Remember to wash all your bridles, pads, etc. in your washer and they will come out like new and ready to go parading in!

Until next parade season, see you on the trail.
Debi Cat-Priest



FOR SALE: Beautiful 5 Acre Redland Horse farm with 9 CBS stalls, living quarters. Quality built and impeccably maintained. $450k. Call 305-496-0107.

FOR SALE: Giant 5lb Hershey Bars. I paid $50.00 each.  Will sell for $35.00 ea. or make me an offer. These make great gifts. Call Linda 305-898-2266.

FOR SALE: Double Reg.8 y/o B&W Spotted Saddle & Racking Horse. Very flashy gelding, 15.3 h/h, looking for a good home w/ exp. rider.  Asking $5k. Good home a must.  Please contact Bruce Frank 305-205-2211.

FOR SALE: 2006 Bay Perch/TB cross mare. Solid horse, trail rides, ring work. 15.2 hands. Rides both English and Western. Some jumping. Pro trained by Dave Moore. Calm & easy going. No bad stall habits. Easy keeper. Healthy & sound.  $4,000 Call Cyndi Gonzalez 305-606-0270

WANTED: I buy used riding equipment.  Box up that old stuff you don't use anymore and give me a call.  Hate to clean your equipment?  I will do that too.  Call Sonni: 305-938-0572.

FOR SALE:  Black 17" Wintec sport dressage saddle, good condition. $275 OBO. Ann-Louise 305-281-8996.

BOARDING: Full board with turnout $500 a month. Learn to ride/care for your horse with private lessons and training available $50 an hour on site, lease or ride one of horses ours. Redland Riding Academy 305-323-4038.

FOR SALE: 16" Big Horn stock saddle. Slick seat, rear cinch and breast collar. Older in greater condition. Can email or text photos. $400. 352-267-5170

FOR SALE: Diesel generator 5000w. Only 4 hours on it. Brand Matrix, it is on wheels. Sell for $800. Bought New $1400.  Call Neil 561-662-0367 or email

FOR SALE: ABETTA Serenity Endurance saddle. $350 new condition. Fleece lined skirts, Ralide tree w/ shock-absorbing foam, nylon exterior, center fire rigging, nylon stirrup leathers, 4" wide endurance stirrups w/ thick shock-rubber pads.  QH/Wide Tree.  Call 561-312-2082 for information and photos.

FOR SALE: Ditch Witch 2001 Model 1030H, 11 hp Honda engine;  36" trench depth w/rock chain.  Original trailer, new tires & spare.  Very good condition. $2350 obo Sonny George, Jr. 305-233-1897

FOR SALE: Genie slab scissor lift, model GS-1930.  Working ht 25 ft., 30 in width. 1998 GEN 1 system, all functions work, except joy stick.  Good batteries. $1250 obo Sonny George, Jr. 305-233-1897.

FOR SALE: 7 Used English saddles without girths/stirrups. Girths, two sets of leathers/irons $50 each or all English tack for $300; Used Mexican Saddle with saddle bags and girth $300; New hand braided white nylon halters One size fits all. Will last forever. $20. Call or email for pictures 305-331-7599 or

FOR SALE: Shadow aluminum GN 2 horse slant. Living quarters with lot of extras S15,000. Ciro 786-326-4599.

FOR SALE: 2 ponies. Dun filly with blue eyes, almost two years old. Mare, 11 years old and brown. 305-431-5131.

FOR SALE: 3 Reg. Rocky Mountain horses. 1 stallion, 18 y/o, beautiful bay $5,000 obo; 1 gelding, solid built chestnut, 21 y/o, $2,500; 1 mare, beautiful chestnut, 10 y/o, needs exp. rider. $1,500 obo. Sage (219) 242-1281.

FOR SALE: Redlands Area– Schwab Commercial Safe with key lock – 63 ½” tall X 23” wide X 24” deep. New over $2000. Like new condition for $650; Wood Chipper – Yard Machine with 14 ½ Horse Power  Briggs & Stratton engine – looks like new $200. Call or Text John at 512-415-7250.










Photo Gallery:


ACTHA Jousting clinic


ACTHA winners at Banquet -
1st place AnnLouise Oudin
2nd place Andrea Sante


End of ACTHA ride thru White Star Farms


Member of the Year - Bonny George Jr,


Lifetime Achievement Award - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger


Banquet trail boss shirts and part of the raffles


Goethe BCA ride in October


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3 Ranch Challenge

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Officers and Directors

SFTR - D Board

President - Mike Maldonado
Vice President - Wayne Hershberger 
Secretary - Bonny George Jr.
Treasurer - Julie Gonzalez

Board of Directors:

Debbie Brunson
Sandy Fobb
Carrie Hershberger
Wendy Lewit
Wilfredo Perez

Alternate Board of Directors

Richard Dunmoyer
Bonny George Jr.


  • Camping - Andrea Sante (
  • Emergency Management - Sandy Fobb 
  • Funnel Cakes - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger
  • Historian - Deda & Mike Maldonado 
  • Hot-Line - Wendy Sue Lewit
  • Hurricane Stalls – Debi Cat-Priest
  • Membership -Marilyn Vina
  • Newsletter - Andrea Sante (,
  • Parades - Debi Cat-Priest
  • Programs - Ben Kroner
  • Public Relations - (Open)
  • Sunshine - Debi Cat-Priest (
  • T-Shirts -Debbie Brunson ( 305-505-7103



Would You Like To Join
The South Florida Trail Riders?

Annual membership for individual is $30; family is $35. Our calendar year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. New memberships after April 15th will continue through the next year. It will be like getting free membership until Sept. 1st. For more information and a newsletter call Andrea Sante at (305) 258-7780 OR Email Andrea at

Click HERE for the membership applicaton. (PDF)

Click HERE for the bylaws (PDF)

Here is a list of rides, clinics and events that the SFTR has sponsored and participated in:

  • Camping all over Florida in places like Highlands Hammock State Park, Ocala National Forest, Dupuis Reserve, Withlacoochee Forest, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Cecil Webb, Adams Ranch - Ft. Pierce and Three Lakes area, Everglades National Park, Myakka River State Park, Tosohatchee State Reserve, Paynes Prairie State Preserve and Oleta River State Rec. Area., Oklawaha RV park, Potts Preserve, and many more.
  • Beach Rides & Lakes: Virginia Key, Hutchinson Island, Wolf Lake, Tree Tops Park Lake, Miami Beach Moonlight Ride.
  • Clinics such as: Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Dentist, Coggins Test clinic, Large Animal Disaster Planning, Freezebranding clinic, Dressage clinic, Hunter-Jumper clinics.
  • Parades: Key Biscayne 4th of July, Calder Racetrack Parade of Breeds, Veterans Day in Homestead & Miami Lakes, University of Miami Homecoming, Parade of Elves, Jr. Orange Bowl, King Orange Bowl, Festival of Nations, Homestead Rodeo, Davie West Fair, St. Patricks Day, Gulfstream Racetrack and many more invites than we could handle.
  • Specialty Rides: Carrot Hunt, Fish Fry Ride, Michele’s Surprise Ride, Poker Rides, St. Judes Ride-a-Thon, Chili Ride, Halloween Bash, Toys for Tots, Team Penning, Wellington Hounds Walk, Laura’s Shake Ride, Tree Tops Hog Barbeque Ride, Mount Trashmore, Jello Rides, Wild West Ride, Greenways Trail.
  • Charity Events: Black Stallion Literacy Project, Ride-a-Thons for St. Judes, SPCA of Fl., Horse Protection Assoc. of Fl. and others.

Through your membership with our club, you can enjoy all these wonderful diverse events with special people who have the same love of horses as you do.

Please join our club and help us enlarge our membership to show our strength in the community, so we can lobby for more open places to ride.

Hotline (305) 4-HORSES

(305) 446-7737 Dade County

Please also visit the Broward County Trail Riders
website for more fun events and information!

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