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Who Are The South Florida Trail Riders, Inc.?

 We are a nonprofit, all volunteer horse riding organization made up of family, single and youth members. Our members come from a wide variety of horse interests: breeding, showing, dressage, endurance, farriers, medical, pleasure, trainers and just "plain ol" horse lovers.

Our members have an equally broad range of vocational interests from horse trainers to medical doctors, truck drivers, students, stock brokers, attorneys, police, shopkeepers, teachers, etc.

All have one primary interest. . . to ride and care for horses.

We organize to:  

  • Preserve open "greenspace" conducive to safe responsible horse activities, primarily trail riding.
  • Develop horse trails and facilities.
  • Promote horse activities.
  • Promote legislation in favor of horsemen and horse related activities.
  • We believe in the American adage that "Together we stand, divided we fall."
  • The interests of our members are widely varied. Consequently, our activities are also varied.

Schedule of Upcoming Rides, Meetings, and Events

March 2nd Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room.
Speaker: Kevin Charleton with Strictly Trailers.

March 7th Saturday - Redland 100 #8. L&P Thompson Park to Back Point. TB: Carlos Cardenas. Meet at 9:00AM at Larry and Penny Thompson Park. We are planning to ride out at 10:00AM sharp for a 3-4 hrs ride. We will be riding to Black Point Marina and from there we will be shuttled back to pick up the trailers at the starting point. Please bring your lunch, snacks and drinks with you. If you have any questions, please contact Augie 305-582-1557.  Hope to see all of you there!

March 9th Monday -  Board Meeting at Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez home  15022 SW 149 St.7:00 PM social, 8:00 PM meeting. Please RSVP to Gina at 786-286-0617. Hosted by Gina Milhet

March 13th thru 15th Friday thru Sunday - Camping at Cecil Webb Field Trial Grounds in Punta Gorda. If you have never camped before or just like the amenities, this is the place to go. We have a house with a full kitchen, bathroom and showers. 40 Stalls for the horses and a lighted pavilion.  No tie outs are allowed. Dogs are allowed on leash. Fees are $10 per person and $10 per stall for the whole weekend. Directions: Take 27 North to Palmdale. Light is Rt. 29 turn left, travel 1/4 mile to Rt. 74 turn right (west) follow Rt. 74 past Rt. 31 approx. 4.6 miles to Field Trial grounds. Pass the Boy Scout Camp, look for guard rail on left, turn left in first drive after guardrail. Approx. 32.6 miles from 27 to campgrounds. Gate gets unlocked at 12PM on Friday. RSVP to Andrea at 305-216-2461 or

March 21st Saturday - SFTR Exhibition at the Youth Fair. If you have a Parade Team uniform and are interested in representing the Trail Riders in this short exhibition at the Youth Fair please contact Andrea for more info. 305-216-2461.

March 28th Saturday - Va. Key BEACH Ride! It is finally here. All riders must be PREPAID to be able to go on this ride. Please fill out the form in this newsletter and mail in with your payment of $20 per horse. Cars pay at the gate. Everyone MUST be a SFTR member before this ride. It is too confusing to try to collect money and memberships at the beach. Your name will be on a list at the gate to let you and your horses in. Bring your current coggins with you. Please do what you can to keep your horses under control. If we have anymore loose horses on the beach, this will be our last ride! Any questions, please call Andrea 305-216-2461.

April 4th Saturday - Autism Ride. TB: Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez. This years host farm is White Star Farms. 25005 SW 193 Ave. Registration will be at 10:00AM. Riding out at 11:00AM.  Requested donation of $35 or more to enjoy this ride, raffle and lunch. All donations are tax deductible. We really need volunteers for this event. Please let Sylvia know if you can help. See the flyer in this newsletter. If you have any questions, please call Sylvia at  305-479-6640.









We have had some great rides and events this year with more to come. A few of the recent highlights since the last newsletter include the main fundraiser of the year (funnel cakes), the Everglades ride and the St. Jude’s benefit ride. All of these were very successful events and the trail bosses are to be commended for all the work and preparation they put into making them so wonderful.
Some upcoming events that you should be looking out for include more Redland 100 rides, the yard sale at Robbie’s Feed, and the Autism Ride. They will be here before you know it, so plan ahead, mark these dates, and plan to participate in each one. Our yard sale will be on February 28, Redland 100 rides are on February 22 and March 7, and the Autism ride is on April 4.
SFTR has sponsored rodeo queen contestants for many years. We had a winner many years ago that we sponsored and now, this year we have another winner. Congratulations to Kelly Murphy, our reigning Homestead Rodeo Queen. We are proud of you, Kelly, and wish you the best in all your endeavors. 
Throughout the years this club has been very active in a variety of horse related events and activities. That is a result of many volunteers who have been willing to give of their time and energy so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their equine friends and human friends together. It is time to step up to the plate again as volunteers. Officer and board member positions are looking to be filled. All positions are open so please contact Andrea Sante to make your nominations or volunteer to put your name on the nomination list. The positions include president, vice-president, treasurer, or board member. The board meets on the second Monday of each month. Thank you for your willingness to participate in the nomination process. 
Happy Trails,
Wayne Hershberger

Cowboy quotes:
· Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.
· Talk slowly, think quickly.
· Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.
· When you give a personal lesson in meanness to a critter or to a person, don't be surprised if they learn their lesson.
· Inscription on Mr. John Wayne's headstone: 
"Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learnt something from yesterday."



It’s that time of year to accept nominations for all of the Board. Positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary (appointed), Treasurer and (7) Board of Directors.
Think about who you would like to nominate and call or email Andrea Sante with their names. You can nominate as many people as you want. We will contact each person and ask them if they would like to accept their nomination.
The Board makes all the decisions for the upcoming year and welcomes fresh ideas. It is a lot of fun and you get to know a great group of people by keeping in touch with the pulse of this organization.
In April we will list all the people who accepted their positions and in May we will VOTE at our General Membership meeting.
We will have the ballot box at one of the rides before the May meeting so everyone will get the chance to vote. Please exercise that option as these are the people who will be running your club. We really need the membership to get involved.
For anonymous balloting, you MUST come to the General Meeting to vote anonymously. Our banquet is scheduled for May 30, 2015 at 94th Aero Squadron.
Contact: Andrea Sante (305) 258-7780 or



94th Aero Squadron on May 30, 2015.
The cost will be $35 per person for the Buffet .

This year the food is plentiful and will be much better than last year!

We will have pasta, meat, veggies, rolls, 4 different salads and an array of desserts.

We are starting to collect items for the raffle.
Please contact Debbie Brunson if you have something you can donate.305-505-7103.



A Get Well Card was sent to Club Photographer and Pinto horse rider, Bonny George, who suffered a freak accident with her mule.

Please contact Debi Cat-Priest if you need a card sent to a SFTR member.


Stories recalled: A man’s hoodie drawstring became fouled in a lead line, horse bolted and dragged him, he was ok, when the unzipped jacket was finally yanked off of him. A 30 year old woman’s finger was caught between the leadline and a trailer door post, flesh torn and broken bones but she is functional now. A seasoned rider’s horse went down crossing water, obstructions almost drowned them both; he still rides among us. And, you’ve probably heard of an older lady being dragged around a farm, when the end of a lead line caught her ankle. Thankfully, the barn worker, Pablo, had his knife and in one focused moment grabbed the lead near my foot and cut it, all in one motion. My rodeo was over, thanks to a prepared and quick thinking man.
So when you are mucking a stall or tacking up your horse; whether feeding or riding… Where is your knife? At the instant of being hung up or perhaps saving another person…Where is your knife?
Mine is a lesson we all need to revisit: have a knife secured on you and practice using it! Being dragged by a foot leaves one few choices, for some, thankfully, Pablo always wears a knife. And a footnote, or some strange reason he decided just that morning to put in a new blade. Lucky me, very lucky me.
Ride and work safely and wear your knife. It could save your life or that of a horse or friend.
Bonny George Jr.


On behalf of the South Florida Trail Riders and Villa Lyan School, I would like to invite you to our 5th Annual Autism Ride. Our past 4 years have been very successful, thanks to your support. Last year we hit the $10,000 mark! We had over 50 horse riders and more than 100 guests who enjoyed the BBQ lunch and raffle/auction after the trail ride. The Miami Marlins have supported us from day one, and even Billy the Marlin joins in on the festivities!
Thanks to committed donors, sponsors, fundraisers and participants, no child from Villa Lyan gets left behind, and all are able to participate in much needed horse assisted therapy. The children look forward to their trips to the ranch and benefit greatly, emotionally, and physically, from the interaction they receive from the horses. This type of therapy is not covered by most insurance companies. The staff, students and parents are very grateful for this event and all of your support. 
We hope to see you at this year's event which will be held at the beautiful White Star Farm in Homestead. Please invite your friends and share the attached flyer. We look forward to seeing you on April 4th!!
Sincerely yours,    
Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez


Only a few left to get your 100 mile pin

 We are having 10 rides this year of 12 to 15 miles each, approximately 4-5 hours depending on how fast we walk.  You will only have to complete 7 rides to accomplish the 100 miles.

 If anyone has a new area (must be 12 to 15 miles) that they would like to explore or suggest, please contact me.
We would all like to see and ride in some new areas.

The following are the scheduled rides:

March 7      #8 Thompson Park to Black Point Marina TB: Carlos Cardenas
April 18      #9 Urban Ride TB: Augie
May 2          #10 TB: Heidi & David

You can contact Augie at 305-582-1557.
Augie Saavedra


The trip started like normal. We met up with Ariel on Krome Avenue and followed him to the turnpike all the way to Ocala. Unfortunately, Ariel had decided to overinflate his trailer tires to 75 lbs. so when they got hot on the road, one of the tires went POP! With the help of the Florida Highway Patrol, we were able to change the tire and be on our way. 
At Shangrila, everything was very clean and there were a lot of nice people there. On Friday night the temperature dropped to 30°. Carlos left all the trailer windows opened and he had to put on all the clothes that he brought in order to keep warm. He could not keep warm enough! He ended up in the shower house with his cell phone with a picture of a fire place burning! However, he lucked out because he got to spend the next two nights in Ariel’s trailer, who actually has a furnace that works.
On Saturday, Nancy, Peaches (Debbie), Diane and her friend, Lydia, Ariel, Carlos, Bobbie (the President of the Georgia Club) and I, rode East to the land bridge and the Ocala Horse Park. We had lunch at the horse park where they were having a dog show and also a western horse show. On the way back we met up with Carrie and Wayne and together we all rode back to the camp.
Peaches made dinner for everybody for a small fee every night, which was great and very convenient. On Sunday, we road to Ross Prairie and some of us made it all the way to Pruitt. Those who rode to Pruitt were given a special treat. Ariel and Lydia sang for us on the way back all kinds of music, from Opera to Country music. They sang really nice and it was pleasant and a lot of fun listening to them.
Monday, Nancy, Peaches, Bobbie, Carlos and I went exploring. We found some nice areas that we can check out next time we are there. We rode for about 2 hrs and got back to camp and packed up and headed to McCulley Farms. On the way there, I was following Bobbie when the turbo-charge hose on her truck came off. Apparently, that had happened to her before so she was all prepared to take care of it. After we took care of it, we continued on our way. This place is about ½ hr. from where Diane lives and about 1-1/2 hrs from Peter and Jacky’s place. We invited Peter and Jacky to come over on Tuesday for dinner and Diane’s husband, Joe, also came to join us. Nancy, Peter, Jacky, Diane, Joe, Carlos and I sat around and we talked about all the things that we have done together. We also reminisced about the places we have visited and the rides with the South Florida Trail Riders. I truly felt like I was with family!
I hope to see you all at the next campout and wish you all the best!
See you at trail’s end!    Augie Saavedra


EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK RIDE                                                                          
By: Manny Alvarez
Going back to the Everglades National Park is always an eye opener even for those who have ridden there many times before. The variety of ecosystems and habitats keeps a rider entertained as you transition from open palmetto/sawgrass prairies to Dade County Pine forests, to flat former agricultural lands now under restoration to its original vegetation.
Most of us caravanned out of the Robert Is Here fruit stand, giving many trail riders the opportunity to have one of their renowned shakes (30 flavors) and maybe some boiled peanuts to start the day. We arrived at the Pine Glades Lake trail head and were greeted by cool crisp weather, blue skies, and one of the resident gators who cruised slowly off shore in the blue, clean waters of the lake.
This year we started the ride by taking the trail that lines the lake. This was a great opportunity to see the lake from viewpoints not seen from where we park the rigs, and also given us a good view of the saw grass prairie just southwest of the lake. From there we crossed the large prairie, which evolved into a few hardwood hammocks, and eventually led us to the never ending flat land where years ago a Nike missile site protected us during the cold war. The missile site is now open to the public, but not to horses. In the flat lands we were able to ride our horses to the top of a large mound from where we had a 360 degree view of the pine forest, the hard wood hammocks, and the restoration lands. In the distance the former missile base was no more than a dot in the landscape.
As soon as we came down from the mounds, we were met at a pre-arranged point, by Belinda Hebert, who had a truck full of cold drinks and snacks for a half way stop for the group. Belinda’s “on the trail” break was much appreciated stop for the group.
For the other half of the ride we crossed the largest remaining forest of Dade County pine in the world. For nearly two hours we were surrounded by shoulder to shoulder pine trees all around us.
Upon arrival at the trail head, we had more ice cold sodas, water, assorted chips, and granola bars. My mare loved the granola bars, peanut butter was her favorite.
On the way back home many riders stopped again at Robert is Here, making it a daily double day at the Fruit stand.
Many people were responsible for this great ride. Going back several decades there’s Beverly Spuckler who originally convinced the Park Service to open trails for the horses, Andrea Sante for her help with coolers and sodas and for allowing the SFTR to store our supplies at White Star Farms, Mike Maldonado scouted the trails with me a few days before the ride, Willy Perez who brought a box full of Cuban Pastries for breakfast, Ben Kroner for seeing us off and for distributing the pastries, Augie Saavedra’s granddaughter who went around signing in all the riders, and of course, Belinda Herbert for all she did, including driving out to the Everglades a few days before the ride to see the rendezvous spot for the halfway stop. 
The ride this year was part of the Redland 100 Mile Challenge. Be on the lookout for the next Redland 100 ride.
Manny Alvarez,
Trail Boss


Josh and John Lyons Clinic

Horse Country’s Wild Horse Stables, owned and operated by Artie and Barbara Malesci hosted the Josh and John Lyons 2-3 day horsemanship clinic January 23 ~ 25.
Horse enthusiasts from the beginner to accomplished level attended this amazing event. Many audited the clinic while others brought their horses for the hands on experience of applying the Lyons method.  All came with the hopes of learning better control of their horses. The step by step, individualized Lyons method left no one disappointed, and it was amazing to watch both riders and horses acquire skills, and confidence as they participated in the lessons, and learned to give proper cues and teach their horses to respond appropriately.  Josh and John’s use of analogies relating the every day human experience to controlling horses added humor and an ease of understanding to each presented skill. 
South Florida Trails Riders, Broward Trail Riders and Horse Country residents had a great weekend experiencing the “Lyons Legacy” and we’re sure it was a weekend none will soon forget.
An extra treat for those at the Saturday clinic was a meeting with Gibb Step who was one of the trainers of Trigger, Trigger Jr. and Lil' Trigger for the Roy Rogers Show. Pam Shockey



March 13 - 15 Cecil Webb in Punta Gorda. Stalls, showers, full house with kitchen and pavilion to use. There is a small fee of $10 per person and $10 per stall for the weekend. Stalls are dirt floors so bring shavings if you want.

April 10 - 12 Picayune State Forest - Naples. Small paddocks, water and portolets.

Call Andrea to RSVP for any of the above campouts in case of any changes.
305-216-2461 or




Why your horse cannot go barefoot
Dr. Tomas Teskey, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, is the author of “The Unfettered Foot”, “Breaking Tradition” and numerous articles on horses going barefoot. He has practiced large animal medicine and surgery in Arizona since graduation from Colorado State University in 1995. He has a special interest in equine podiatry and holds lectures and workshops worldwide. He conducted a webinar recently discussing conditions that make it difficult for horse owners to go barefoot with their horses. According to Dr. Teskey, one of the biggest problems is that owners place too much importance on just the hooves and not enough focus on the horse as a whole.  The health of the horse as a whole is critical to healthy hooves, barefoot or shod.  The horseshoe protects the hoof and in some cases holds the hoof together.  In order for a horse to be sound without horseshoes, the hoof must be strong and healthy. The conditions that help create and maintain a healthy hoof are:
Diet: Horses are designed to eat small amounts of low quality forage often.  The major portion of the diet should be forage, preferably grass hay and it should be available 24/7. In addition to the grass hay complimentary supplements which provide the correct amounts and ratios of vitamins and minerals will help maintain healthy gut flora for digestion and absorption and promote a strong immune system, good health and strong hooves. Diets high in sugar and starch (sweet feed), individual meals verses normal grazing, long periods without food, excess processed food with mineral imbalances, all contribute to poor health and weak hooves. An improper diet is probably the main reason many horses cannot grow a strong healthy foot that can go without shoes.
Exercise: Horses are designed to move. In the wild they travel from 10 to 20 miles a day grazing as they go. The right kind of movement over a varied terrain (gravel, sand, rock, dirt,) promotes digestion, circulation, exfoliation of dead hoof tissue and overall good health.  Lack of exercise, the inability to walk trot and canter at liberty is another reason why many horses do not have hooves that are healthy and strong enough to go barefoot.
Environment: Horses are herd animals and their psychological health depends on being part of a herd. Confinement to stalls with little exercise, lack of the ability to socialize with other horses,  standing on shavings for long periods, and little or no change in the terrain they move on all make it difficult to maintain healthy horses with strong healthy feet.  Horses that spend all of their time on the same kind of terrain will have trouble adapting to other terrains when barefoot.
The trim: The barefoot trim is very different from the pasture trim or the trim that is done to prepare the hoof for a shoe.  Hoof care professionals whose practice focuses on barefoot trimming are educated in hoof anatomy and the principles of barefoot care and they will also address diet, exercise, and environment which are all critical to a barefoot existence. The barefoot trim (based on the wild horse hoof as a model) is usually low heel, short toe, slight arch, and rounded wall with emphasis on the hoof wall not bearing weight and designed to allow the hoof to flex and distort. The trim is important but it is more often improper diet, lack of exercise, and a confined existence that makes it difficult for horses to go barefoot.
Bottom line…it takes more, a lot more, than just removing shoes to make a barefoot horse that can travel over a variety of terrains and remain sound. ~ Susan Boyd



Our first parade of the season will be the July 4th Key Biscayne Parade.  If you think you might be interested in joining our Team just let us know and we’ll help make it happen! 

You’ll need to order your shirt and tack, so don’t procrastinate and come help promote your club, enjoy your horse, and have a great time!  We look forward to welcoming you to our Team!

Hope to see you on the trail!
Debi & Craig

FIRST Parade of the season!
Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade



FOR SALE: 27 acres, borders the Ocala National Forrest in Astor, Florida.  3 miles from Revelle Farms standardbred training facility,  6-7 acre spring fed pond, barn with 5 -12x12 stalls and one 12x12 tack room. Attached 1325 sq. ft 2 bedroom 1.5 bath apartment. Outbuildings and fencing.  Retiring and moving out of state.  Two successful businesses we are leaving that could be included. $380,000.00  352-759-3676

FOR SALE: DAVIE HOME, HORSES OK! Spacious horse-friendly home, Davie. 3,300 sq. Ft. 4/3 ranch-style home, 1.25 acre lot. NO HOA! Large freeform pool w/spa & covered patio. Wood-burning 2-room fireplace. New roof 2010. Gas appliances. Full-house stand-by  propane generator w/auto transfer.  Large upgraded (2012) master bathroom. 12x12 lean-to/stall, separate grazing for 1-2 horses. Two-car garage, carport. Best school district in Broward. Ideal location on Davie's trail system. For info/ appt, contact Joyce Steward, 954-830-4188. Say you saw ad in SFTR newsletter

FOR SALE: 8yr old Reg. Paint mare.  Granddaughter of all time leading Cow horse sire Shining Spark. Beautiful color, fantastic mane/tail, 90 days training with NRHA Professional Dave Moore. Chase cows, trail ride or just enjoy her beauty. $3,500. Call Dave Moore at 954-668-3808 for more information and to see in person. See photo in card ad section.

FOR SALE: 19 inch Hilason endurance treeless English pleasure trail saddle. $300; New Hilason 18 inch treeless English Saddle, slight blemish on cantle. $200. Call 305-606-9757 Fe Steers.

FOR SALE: 1994 Ford F-350 Turbo Diesel dully flat bed truck. Very good cond, 5-Speed manual trans. A/C , new paint, 7.3L International Navstar IDI Turbo charged motor. Lot's of new parts installed. Tim Spuckler (863) 860-3777

FOR SALE: 1988 Bee 3 horse GN Steel 8’ LQ horse trailer. A/C, Awning, water heater, Cowboy shower, Custom cabinets & sink, Queen bed, antenna, vent fan, propane. Been camping in it many times. $12k OBO for both truck and trailer or will split up either way. They are good to go! Tim Spuckler (863) 860-3777.

FOR SALE: ARENA RAKE. New was $1,500. Must have 3 pt. hitch on tractor $500. Complete set of jumps with wings and LOTS more!! Donna   305 - 559 - 7868

FOR SALE: Children’s English Saddles, Bridles, pads, blankets, etc. Selling all together for $500. Come see what I have and make an offer. Donna  305 -559 -7868.

FOR SALE: 4 horse Ponderosa, with new roof, new floor and NEW tires! $2,000. Donna  305 -559 -7868.

FOR SALE: 17" Stubben Hunter Jumper Saddle- LIKE NEW! $875 obo; Aluminum rooftop hay rack for horse trailer includes ladder.  $700 obo; Arena Rascal Drag. $675 obo; Naples, Call/text Jennifer at 239-595-1003

FOR SALE: 2007 Ford F-250 crew cab 8' bed, camper top, gas engine, work truck with no frills, tow package, silver, cloth interior, AM/FM radio, cold A/C, everything works great, mileage 82k, $12,000 Augie 305-582-1557.

WANTED: To lease. 5+- acres, barn and small house (would be a plus), riding ring. We are an Established equine business with lesson program and developing equine therapeutic/therapy program. Please call Jennifer 305-926-8239.

In between newsletters you can follow all SFTR activities in our Facebook Page.  "South Florida Trail Riders"

FOR SALE - Champion Large Welsh Gelding. 10 yr.old  Pony Hunter. Fits most adults who are 5' 5" or under. Do to retirement and closing down business, have cut his price more than half! $10,000. Call Donna  PH:  305-559 -7868.

FOR SALE: Champion  Medium Welsh pony hunter mare. 12 yrs with papers, impeccable breeding and last of the "line" was  $15k, now $5,000. Fits adults  5' 2 " and under. Call Donna  PH:  305-559 -7868.

FOR LEASE: FARM in Kendall horse country. Great location for lessons, etc. wealthy business population surrounds this area. 3 bedroom house, 15 stalls, large ring, lights for evening riding, sprinkler system!!  Donna   305-559-7868.

FOR SALE: Horse property close to all major roads but with lots of trails to ride! 2/1 wood frame home on 1.5 acres. CBS 3,000 sq ft garage, 3 stall barn plus tack room. Separate laundry room with AC.  $349,000 obo. Andrea 305-216-2461.

FOR FREE: 1 year old Bunnies. 3 girls and 2 boys. Good home only. Anne 305-753-2847.

FOR SALE: Synthetic western saddle. Off brand type. Needs cleaning and it is well used. Good for training a young horse. $25. Andrea 305-216-2461.

BOARDING: Full board, daily turnout - $400.00 per month.   Please call Augie 305-582-1557.

FOR SALE: Paso Fino gelding, grey, 14 years old. Lots of brio. Past show champion. $3,000 obo. Andrea 305-216-2461.







Photo Gallery:


ACTHA Jousting clinic


ACTHA winners at Banquet -
1st place AnnLouise Oudin
2nd place Andrea Sante


End of ACTHA ride thru White Star Farms


Member of the Year - Bonny George Jr,


Lifetime Achievement Award - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger


Banquet trail boss shirts and part of the raffles


Goethe BCA ride in October


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3 Ranch Challenge

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Officers and Directors

SFTR - D Board

President - Wayne Hershberger
Vice President -  Mike Maldonado 
Secretary – Tracy Raulerson
Treasurer - Julie Gonzalez

Board of Directors:
Sandy Fobb
Carrie Hershberger
Wilfredo Perez

Debi Cat-Priest
Craig Priest

Alternate Board of Directors

Debi East
Gina Milhet


  • Camping - Andrea Sante (
  • Emergency Management - Sandy Fobb 
  • Funnel Cakes - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger
  • Historian - Deda & Mike Maldonado 
  • Hot-Line - Wendy Sue Lewit
  • Hurricane Stalls – Debi Cat-Priest
  • Membership -Marilyn Vina
  • Newsletter - Andrea Sante (,
  • Parades - Debi Cat-Priest
  • Programs - Ben Kroner
  • Public Relations - (Open)
  • Sunshine - Debi Cat-Priest (
  • T-Shirts -Debbie Brunson ( 305-505-7103



Would You Like To Join
The South Florida Trail Riders?

Annual membership for individual is $30; family is $35. Our calendar year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. New memberships after April 15th will continue through the next year. It will be like getting free membership until Sept. 1st. For more information and a newsletter call Andrea Sante at (305) 258-7780 OR Email Andrea at

Click HERE for the membership applicaton. (PDF)

Click HERE for the bylaws (PDF)

Here is a list of rides, clinics and events that the SFTR has sponsored and participated in:

  • Camping all over Florida in places like Highlands Hammock State Park, Ocala National Forest, Dupuis Reserve, Withlacoochee Forest, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Cecil Webb, Adams Ranch - Ft. Pierce and Three Lakes area, Everglades National Park, Myakka River State Park, Tosohatchee State Reserve, Paynes Prairie State Preserve and Oleta River State Rec. Area., Oklawaha RV park, Potts Preserve, and many more.
  • Beach Rides & Lakes: Virginia Key, Hutchinson Island, Wolf Lake, Tree Tops Park Lake, Miami Beach Moonlight Ride.
  • Clinics such as: Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Dentist, Coggins Test clinic, Large Animal Disaster Planning, Freezebranding clinic, Dressage clinic, Hunter-Jumper clinics.
  • Parades: Key Biscayne 4th of July, Calder Racetrack Parade of Breeds, Veterans Day in Homestead & Miami Lakes, University of Miami Homecoming, Parade of Elves, Jr. Orange Bowl, King Orange Bowl, Festival of Nations, Homestead Rodeo, Davie West Fair, St. Patricks Day, Gulfstream Racetrack and many more invites than we could handle.
  • Specialty Rides: Carrot Hunt, Fish Fry Ride, Michele’s Surprise Ride, Poker Rides, St. Judes Ride-a-Thon, Chili Ride, Halloween Bash, Toys for Tots, Team Penning, Wellington Hounds Walk, Laura’s Shake Ride, Tree Tops Hog Barbeque Ride, Mount Trashmore, Jello Rides, Wild West Ride, Greenways Trail.
  • Charity Events: Black Stallion Literacy Project, Ride-a-Thons for St. Judes, SPCA of Fl., Horse Protection Assoc. of Fl. and others.

Through your membership with our club, you can enjoy all these wonderful diverse events with special people who have the same love of horses as you do.

Please join our club and help us enlarge our membership to show our strength in the community, so we can lobby for more open places to ride.

Hotline (305) 4-HORSES

(305) 446-7737 Dade County

Please also visit the Broward County Trail Riders
website for more fun events and information!

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