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Who Are The South Florida Trail Riders, Inc.?

 We are a nonprofit, all volunteer horse riding organization made up of family, single and youth members. Our members come from a wide variety of horse interests: breeding, showing, dressage, endurance, farriers, medical, pleasure, trainers and just "plain ol" horse lovers.

Our members have an equally broad range of vocational interests from horse trainers to medical doctors, truck drivers, students, stock brokers, attorneys, police, shopkeepers, teachers, etc.

All have one primary interest. . . to ride and care for horses.

We organize to:  

  • Preserve open "greenspace" conducive to safe responsible horse activities, primarily trail riding.
  • Develop horse trails and facilities.
  • Promote horse activities.
  • Promote legislation in favor of horsemen and horse related activities.
  • We believe in the American adage that "Together we stand, divided we fall."
  • The interests of our members are widely varied. Consequently, our activities are also varied.

Schedule of Upcoming Rides, Meetings, and Events

June 28th Saturday - Wolf Lake Ride. TB: Vicky Maitland & Mike Maldonado. 10:00AM. Bring a covered dish to share. Cool off in the water with your horse this summer. Mike 305-331-7599. Directions: 5400 SW 76 Avenue. Davie. I-75 to Griffin Road East to 76 Ave. Turn right. Park is down a few blocks on left.

July 4th Friday - Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade. Parade Team get your gear ready!! The new season is here! Be at Calusa Park by 9:30AM. Parade starts at 11:00AM Contact Debi with any questions 305-274-7484.

July 7th Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room. Speaker: Bill Townshend of S. Dade Soil & Water Conservation District. He is “the” compost guy!

July 12th Saturday - Tree Tops Scavenger Hunt / Watermelon Ride. TB: Carrie & Wayne Hershberger. Ride out at 10:00 AM. Bring a lunch to eat after the ride. SFTR will provide sodas. 3 prizes will be awarded to the people that find the items. Bring a chair to the 12 noon lunch! RSVP to or call Carrie at 305-206-0317 

July 14th Monday - Board Meeting at the Hershberger’s home 7:00 PM social, 8:00 PM meeting. 10532 SW 52 Terr. Please RSVP to Carrie at 305-206-0317.

July 26th Saturday - SFTR's National Day of the American Cowboy Celebration. TB: Mike & Deda  Maldonado. Ride will take place at the Fruit and Spice Park on SW 24801 SW 187th Ave. Deda will host a Cowboy Art Display all day in the adjacent classroom, stop in and see it. The Cowboy Attire competition will be judged at 9:30 AM and ride out is at 10:00 AM.  All will be welcome to join us for lunch in Mango's Cafe (bring lunch money). SFTR will provide cold drinks for this event. Call Mike 305-331-7599.

Aug. 4th Monday - General Meeting at Golden Corral. 33525 S. Dixie Hwy. 7:00 PM dinner, 8:00 PM meeting. Meeting room is to the right when you go in. If you are eating, pay for your meal then go to the room. 

Aug. 16th Saturday - SFTR / SPCA Fundraiser at Robbie’s Feed. Raffle tickets for sale to Win a chance for $500 gift card to Robbie’s Feed. Bake Sale and other raffle items will be on display with option to buy tickets to win.




Hi Trail Riders,
We are beginning a new riding year. The outgoing board and officers have worked very hard to provide many opportunities for your riding pleasure. Their work is greatly appreciated.  The new board members and the veterans are looking forward to serving you this year. A big THANK YOU is extended to everyone who made themselves available to the possibility of serving on the board by allowing their names to be on the ballot. Also, thank you to all who took the time to vote. Please be reminded that this is your club. We welcome your input and ideas. You could even be a trail boss. It is a rewarding experience.
When you watched parades as a child, did you dream about riding a horse in a parade? Now is your opportunity. The parade team is always looking for new members. Emails have already been sent about the Fourth of July parade on Key Biscayne. We hope you can join us. Contact Debi Catarineau-Priest for more details at 305-775-1820.
Plans are being made to have the Glades to Bay ride again this year. Where else can you ride from one national park (Everglades National Park) to another (Biscayne National Park) in the same county? You won’t want to miss this one. Keep your eyes and ears open for more details. We are also bringing back the specialty Redland 100 rides this coming year. Augie is working on those locations now.
It is also time to be thinking of hurricane stalls. If you have not reserved one yet contact Debi Cat-Priest. Hopefully, you will not need one; but it is better to be prepared than to have regrets.
We look forward to seeing each of you on the trails. We have many events scheduled for your enjoyment. Take advantage of as many as you can, including the camping trips. If you would like to schedule an event, please let us know.
Happy Trails,
Wayne Hershberger




We are going to have 10 rides this year of 12 to 15 miles each, approximately 4-5 hours depending on how fast we walk.  You will only have to complete 7 rides to accomplish the 100 miles.  

If anyone has a new area (must be 12 to 15 miles) that they would like to explore or suggest, please contact me.
We would all like to see and ride in some new areas.

The following are the scheduled rides:

Oct.4                     Andrea's ride to Black Point
Nov.22 & 23        Glades to Bay
Dec.14                  Everglades Ride
Jan1                      Black Eyed Pea Ride
Jan 10                   Night ride from 136th St. parking area
Feb.22                  OPEN - we need an area
March 21              Thompson Park to Black Point Marina
April 18                 Urban Ride
May 2                    OPEN - we need an area

You can contact Augie at 305-582-1557.
Augie Saavedra




SFTR's National Day of the American Cowboy Celebration.

DATE: July 26, 2014 Saturday
TB: Mike & Deda  Maldonado. 305-331-7599

Ride will take place at the Redland Fruit and Spice Park 24801 SW 187th Ave.
The Cowboy Attire competition will be at 9:30 AM judging / 10:00 AM ride out.
Put on your best cowboy duds and you can win a prize!

Deda will host a Cowboy Art Display all day in the adjacent classroom, stop in and see the beautiful quilts and other artwork.

All will be welcome to join us for lunch in Mango's Cafe (bring lunch money). SFTR will provide cold drinks for this event.




A Sympathy Card was sent to Neil Chambless on the passing of his father.
A Sympathy Card was also sent to the family of Peggy Barnes.
A Get Well Card was sent to Ron Pfau who's recovering from surgery.  Ben Kroner also received a Get Well Card while he recovers from surgery.  And Linda Rose received a Get Well Card following minor surgery.
Sympathy Cards were sent to Craig Priest who lost is 26 y/o Andalusian/Arab cross, Lilio;  and to  Marsha Schloesser who lost her pup, Peanut, to a snake bite.

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.   

On a happy note, a We're Proud of You Card was sent to Katrina Caroll who graduated from high school with honors and will be going to college on a scholarship. And a Congratulations Card was sent to Carrie Hershberger who passed her state exam and is now a Certified Nurse's Assistant.

You make us proud!
Sunshine Committee
Please contact Debi Cat-Priest if you need a card sent to a SFTR member




Brian and Mike’s Grill Off Ride

The weather was beautiful, the riding was great, the food was delicious, and the company was awesome.  Augie Saavedra, his daughter Myra Vasalla, and his friends Carlos Cardenas and Terri Schultz, began with their own 45 minute ride to our farm. Augie’s partners jokingly said that Augie got lost on the way-but it was just a slight detour-Augie always knows where he’s going…. that’s why I enjoy an Augie ride-it’s an adventure. We greeted Terri as a new member.  And Myra’s husband and children joined us later for lunch. 
From our neighborhood we had Sandy Fobb, Sharon Scott, Mike Garneau, Amaris Hess, and Yelani Lopez all ride in on horseback.  Jeffery and Kiera Fobb joined us later for lunch, as did Ben Kroner.  Dottie Kroner has not been feeling well and has been to the ER several times recently; please join with me to ask God to lift his healing hands over Dottie.
Trailering in was Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez and her son, Tony; Mike Maldonado with Vicky Maitland and Colby Stroud; Lynn Stine; Trey Pearce; and Sharon and Rob Dixon.
From our farm I had myself, my daughter Kelly Murphy, her friend Celine D’Arbelles, and Celine’s Mom Valerie D’Arbelles; Celine and Valerie are new members also, but I forgot to announce them, so now it’s here in print.
Now we are on our way with myself and Amaris leading; Bonny George snapped our pictures, and off down the trail we went, leaving my wonderful husband, Brian Reynolds at the farm to do the cooking. We rode many shady groves and canal banks.  Kelly and I had scouted the route the day before, and luckily the one critical narrow spot on the canal bank was not overgrown, thus we were able to take the group to secret areas we cannot always ride thru. And the cantering group got in some nice moving out time also.
We came back to Brian’s BBQ chicken, and Mike G. quickly cooked his burgers, Jeffrey Fobb was there to prevent any fire hazards.  A panel of certified judges awarded the distinction of Grill Master to both Brian and Mike for their outstanding grilled creations.  I look forward to seeing all of you on the trail.
Renee Reynolds




What are electrolytes and why are they important to my horse?

Electrolytes are substances in the blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge. Common electrolytes include: sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals regulate nerve and muscle function, hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissue.
Horses, like humans, lose electrolytes when they exercise and sweat. To maintain appropriate electrolyte concentrations and body fluid levels, these electrolytes must be replaced. Horses will receive some electrolyte replacement from their daily diet; however, salt is lacking in forage and grain. Commercial feed and a salt block can aid in replacing the salt that is needed for their diet. If your horse is exposed to high heat and humidity or is worked heavily, causing him to sweat excessively, he may need the addition of an electrolyte supplement to help maintain necessary fluid balance and body function.
There are many different electrolyte supplements on the market and it is difficult to determine which supplement is right for your horse. Optimum electrolyte standards include: 45% - 50% chloride, 6kg/oz sodium, and 4.8g/oz potassium. In addition, sweat contains nearly 80% as much potassium as sodium and twice as much chloride than sodium.  You want to choose an electrolyte supplement that most closely mimics the sweat that is being lost by your horse. It is best to choose an electrolyte that contains little to no sugar. Some electrolytes may contain sugar for palatability, but it is not necessary and typically the more sugar, the fewer electrolytes. Further, if your horse receives furosemide (Salix, Lasix) there may be a need for additional calcium in their diet. The horses’ gastrointestinal health should also be considered when administering electrolyte supplements, as repeated use can lead to stomach irritation.
In an effort to fill the need for a balanced equine electrolyte supplement that replenishes the minerals lost in sweat and provides added calcium while supporting gastrointestinal comfort, the veterinarians at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute developed RelyteHA. ReltyeHA is the first electrolyte supplement with added calcium and Hyaluronan (HA) to buffer against stomach irritation.




Tropical Park Hurricane Stalls

 Yes, Hurricane Season is almost here and following are a few things to consider…  When a Hurricane Watch goes into effect, the barn manager, Pablo Tejeda, will attempt to reach everyone to confirm that you will take possession of your stall.  If unsuccessful, he will reassign your stall for that hurricane to someone else.  Please call him either way at (305) 554-7334 and leave a message (only if a hurricane is imminent)

Reserve your stalls with Debi Catarineau-Priest.
Your reservation fee per stall is $26.00.  This reserves a stall for the 2014 Hurricane Season.  Once a Hurricane Watch goes into effect and you take possession of your stall, on the 25th hour Miami-Dade County will charge a daily fee, plus an additional $26 to re-reserve your stall for the remainder of the 2014 Season.

Upon arrival, Pablo will need to see your Coggins papers.  Suggested items are flashlight, buckets with clips for water, (muck buckets work), a fly mask, your name, horse’s name and phone #’s taped to your stall doors, halter, written on your horse, etc.

You can’t leave anything but your horse at Tropical Park. No trailers.

Depending on the storm’s estimated arrival, Miami-Dade County will lock the park gates.  Once the Hurricane Watch is lifted, you have 48 hours to remove your horse. All stalls must be cleaned before leaving or an additional charge of $26 per stall will be applied and you will be unable to reserve stalls in the future.

Hope to see you on the trail – not at Tropical Park!

Have a great summer!

Debi Catarineau-Priest





Hi Team! Parade Season is here!!
Our first parade of the season will be the Key Biscayne 4th of July parade. We hope to see you there!
We need 2 walkers to carry the banner, a pooper scooper and a couple of side walkers to make sure the people stay away from the horses on this route. All need to be in parade uniform.
I have emailed the Parade package out. If you have not received it, please let me know. Please try to RSVP for the parades so I have an idea of who is coming and who wants to carry a flag.
Remember to wash all your bridles, pads, etc. in your washer and they will come out like new and ready to go parading in!
Debi Cat-Priest

Here is a list of the upcoming parades:
July 4th - Key Biscayne
Nov. 11th - Homestead Veterans Day
Nov. 30th - Jr. Orange Bowl
Dec. 7th - Parade of the Elves in South Miami
Jan. 24th Homestead Rodeo





While Wendy Lewit has taken a sabbatical from school she’s been hunting for a trailer to travel in.  Well, she found it and it comes in the form of a horse trailer!  We are very hopeful that she and Don will give us a tour of Ruth Brace’s old trailer during the club’s upcoming camping season! 

We all know that Craig Priest loves his Corvettes, but his new ride is a Hemi! Hemi is his new B&W Spotted Walker that we look forward to meeting on club rides and seeing on this year’s parade team!   

Let Debi Cat-Priest know if you have something special you would like to share with the club and she will put it in the “Feed Lot” notices.




FOR SALE: BREYER HORSES. I have over 50 out of the box. Come and look, real cheap!! Make an offer for the whole box. Need to get out of my garage! Andrea 305-216-2461.

BOARDING: Full board, daily turnout - $400.00 per month.   Please call Augie 305-582-1557.

REPAIR: Tack cleaning and repair.  Buying old used tack. Sonni: 305-938-0572.

PET SITTING: Professional pet/equine/farm/house sitter servicing areas in South Miami, Homestead and the Redlands. Loads of references. Call Vicky at 786-619-7200.

FOR SALE: Timberline western saddle 15" seat with silver conchos. Will send pics. Brand new, only used once. Selling for $2200 or best offer.  Dee 786-253-2175.

FOR SALE/LEASE: Warmblood gelding that jumps; Appaloosa gelding that trail rides; kid safe horses avail also; each $500 month lease here with saddle etc. or $200 month; lease offsite. Call 305-323-4038.

FOR SALE: Bob Marshal treeless saddle. 16.5 seat. Great condition. $750

FOR SALE: ARIAT Western Women's Boots. Black, Size 10B, like-new condition, $50. Call 305-773-8227.

FOR SALE: 1 used Mexican saddle $350; 4 used English saddles $50 to $100; 1 used Synthetic western saddle $250. Mike 305-331-7599.

FOR SALE: New Abetta Pathfinder 16"w/ extra d-rings, QH tree, 7/8" rigging, endurance stirrups, Cordura nylon shock absorbing foam. $375. Shipping $50 or someone can pick up.  Becky Swerdloff 352 279 2505.

FOR SALE: Bay Quarter Horse Gelding, 15yr old, 15 hands,  looking for a new loving home. $600. For more information and photos see my listing at horsetopia! Ad #579681 Laura 239-537-8165.

FOR SALE: Hobby Horse ultra-suede show chaps. Medium sand color, washable. New $349. Worn twice $175. 305-255-9417.

FOR LEASE: Thoroughbred mare. Rides English only. Coconut Creek next to Tradewinds Park. 17 y/o, needs experienced/confident rider. $250 unlimited monthly lease. Call Vicki 954-290-3944.

LOOKING FOR: I collect bits but they have to be unique. Mostly Paso and Western style but if it is different looking call me. Call Andrea 305-216-2461.

FOR SALE - LOT 149 in Indian Hammock Hunt & Riding Club (, Okeechobee, FL; 2.84 acres with electric, partially cleared, close to stables. Asking $29,999.  Call Debi at 305.775.1820.

FOR SALE: BOGO!! Buy one, get one, experienced trail riding geldings. 15.2h AQHA palomino, get one gentle 14.2h (senior) Arabian. Good ground manners & trailer loading. $2,500 obo. Includes saddles & bridles Ready to ride package. Call Linda, 954-817-2585 for more info, pics or come look -- in Davie.

FOR SALE: Obstacles. 4 traffic cones,  one barrel, 3 Rails 10Ft X 4 1/2 “ White PVC , 2 sets of modular cavaletti’s 18” X 18” from Jumps USA.  $150.00.  Call Carol 561 312-2082.

FOR SALE: 1 acre, vacant, buildable, low taxes. Secluded but near town, a rare parcel. SW 152 Av & just N of 272 St, 33032. Asking $85K! Call Liz 305 281-6166 or 305 248-2748

FULL BOARD: Beautiful property with concrete barn, large sand ring, plenty of pasture and trails near by. For more info call 305 562 5052. Ranch is located at 18272 SW154 St. Miami.








Photo Gallery:


ACTHA Jousting clinic


ACTHA winners at Banquet -
1st place AnnLouise Oudin
2nd place Andrea Sante


End of ACTHA ride thru White Star Farms


Member of the Year - Bonny George Jr,


Lifetime Achievement Award - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger


Banquet trail boss shirts and part of the raffles


Goethe BCA ride in October


Click To View  Jr. Orange Bowl Parade
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3 Ranch Challenge

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Officers and Directors

SFTR - D Board

President - Mike Maldonado
Vice President - Wayne Hershberger 
Secretary - Bonny George Jr.
Treasurer - Julie Gonzalez

Board of Directors:

Debbie Brunson
Sandy Fobb
Carrie Hershberger
Wendy Lewit
Wilfredo Perez

Alternate Board of Directors

Richard Dunmoyer
Bonny George Jr.


  • Camping - Andrea Sante (
  • Emergency Management - Sandy Fobb 
  • Funnel Cakes - Carrie & Wayne Hershberger
  • Historian - Deda & Mike Maldonado 
  • Hot-Line - Wendy Sue Lewit
  • Hurricane Stalls – Debi Cat-Priest
  • Membership -Marilyn Vina
  • Newsletter - Andrea Sante (,
  • Parades - Debi Cat-Priest
  • Programs - Ben Kroner
  • Public Relations - (Open)
  • Sunshine - Debi Cat-Priest (
  • T-Shirts -Debbie Brunson ( 305-505-7103



Would You Like To Join
The South Florida Trail Riders?

Annual membership for individual is $30; family is $35. Our calendar year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. New memberships after April 15th will continue through the next year. It will be like getting free membership until Sept. 1st. For more information and a newsletter call Andrea Sante at (305) 258-7780 OR Email Andrea at

Click HERE for the membership applicaton. (PDF)

Click HERE for the bylaws (PDF)

Here is a list of rides, clinics and events that the SFTR has sponsored and participated in:

  • Camping all over Florida in places like Highlands Hammock State Park, Ocala National Forest, Dupuis Reserve, Withlacoochee Forest, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Cecil Webb, Adams Ranch - Ft. Pierce and Three Lakes area, Everglades National Park, Myakka River State Park, Tosohatchee State Reserve, Paynes Prairie State Preserve and Oleta River State Rec. Area., Oklawaha RV park, Potts Preserve, and many more.
  • Beach Rides & Lakes: Virginia Key, Hutchinson Island, Wolf Lake, Tree Tops Park Lake, Miami Beach Moonlight Ride.
  • Clinics such as: Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Dentist, Coggins Test clinic, Large Animal Disaster Planning, Freezebranding clinic, Dressage clinic, Hunter-Jumper clinics.
  • Parades: Key Biscayne 4th of July, Calder Racetrack Parade of Breeds, Veterans Day in Homestead & Miami Lakes, University of Miami Homecoming, Parade of Elves, Jr. Orange Bowl, King Orange Bowl, Festival of Nations, Homestead Rodeo, Davie West Fair, St. Patricks Day, Gulfstream Racetrack and many more invites than we could handle.
  • Specialty Rides: Carrot Hunt, Fish Fry Ride, Michele’s Surprise Ride, Poker Rides, St. Judes Ride-a-Thon, Chili Ride, Halloween Bash, Toys for Tots, Team Penning, Wellington Hounds Walk, Laura’s Shake Ride, Tree Tops Hog Barbeque Ride, Mount Trashmore, Jello Rides, Wild West Ride, Greenways Trail.
  • Charity Events: Black Stallion Literacy Project, Ride-a-Thons for St. Judes, SPCA of Fl., Horse Protection Assoc. of Fl. and others.

Through your membership with our club, you can enjoy all these wonderful diverse events with special people who have the same love of horses as you do.

Please join our club and help us enlarge our membership to show our strength in the community, so we can lobby for more open places to ride.

Hotline (305) 4-HORSES

(305) 446-7737 Dade County

Please also visit the Broward County Trail Riders
website for more fun events and information!

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